The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced the timetable for the 65th Golden Globe Awards.

The presentation of the awards will take place on Sunday Jan 13, moving back to Sunday after two years in a new Monday slot.

The timetable is as follows:

Oct 18, 2007 Final screening date for television entries

Oct 19, 2007 Final date for press conferences for TV entries

Nov 9, 2007 Deadline for submission of Golden Globe entry forms

Nov 14, 2007 Announcement of Cecil B DeMile Award

Nov 30, 2007 Deadline for nomination ballots to be mailed to HFPA members by Ernst & Young

Dec 5, 2007 Final screening date for motion pictures

Dec 6 Final date for motion picture press conferences

Dec 10, 2007 Deadline for receipt by Ernst & Young of nomination ballots

Dec 13, 2007 Nomination announcement

Dec 14, 2007 Final ballots mailed to all HFPA members by Ernst & Young

Jan 9, 2008 Deadline for receipt of final ballots by Ernst & Young

Jan 13, 2008 Awards presentation