This is not the first trip to all 50 states for filmmaker Sandy Murray. Her new project, Kicking America’s Ass, will be a documentary web series that will embark on a journey to visit 50 states, in 50 days to shoot 50 movies.

“The entire web series is going to be a documentary about our travels,” Murray said. “It will be about the problems we encounter. For example, if the car breaks down or maybe if the camera doesn’t work — all the things that would normally happen if you were shooting a movie, except we’re going to be on the road.”

Murray will be accompanied by her best friend Stephen Gillikin, an improv classmate Meitov Marom and her high school friend Hannah Parras. Each person will bring their own quirky personality to the filming.

The project begins June 14 where Murray and the crew will fly out to Alaska. They will then continue their journey by coming back to Los Angeles and starting their road trip to Las Vegas.  By day 48, after finishing the travels throughout the country, Murray says they will, “end up back in LA and flying out to Hawaii for day 49 of shooting. The last movie shoot will be in Hawaii.”

What can you expect from their documentary series? Interesting dialogue between four friends with different personalities that will visit random eateries, roadside attractions, factories and much much more.

Each of the 50, 10-minute episodes will start with an introduction to the short film that will be shot on location. Viewers will then follow the group as they travel, find shooting locations, work together, shoot a short film and find lodging in each state.

Gillikin and Murray first met during an audition for a student film and eventually became best friends that spent much time traveling together. In fact, they traveled to 48 states prior to this project.

“We are in a state that we will finish each others sentences and we know what the other is thinking, even if we say a couple of words about whatever subject we talk about,” Murray said.

Murray’s reserved friend Parras will be joining the crew on their journey across all the states. Parras and Murray first met in high school and her quiet demeanor could “change after spending several weeks together.”

Rounding out the crew is improv classmate, Meitav Marom. Marom, Gillikin and Murray have attended an improv course for a year, so Murray believes nothing will be dull because, “We are use to making up things on the spot. We are use to starting random conversations about nothing.”

Each have saved up individually in order to fund this project. Murray also started a kickstarter page to raise funds for gas and lodging.

You can follow the journey in real time by tracking the crew on Twitter and Facebook. The short films can be viewed on their YouTube channel after the project is finished filming.

 “We will be updating the twitter account while we are on the trip so people can follow us,” Murray said. “I made a flier that has all of our information and what we are going to do is post that everywhere we go on the trip.”

Expect to see the documentary web series in early September, which will show the first episode shot in Alaska.

“Each episode will be about a state. So, expect an episode and then a short film and we will release each film and web cast accordingly.”