The Sundance Film Festivalunveiled the remaining sections for its 2004 event (Jan 15 to 25) thisafternoon (see full list below) including the high profile world premieres ofnew films by Walter Salles, Brad Anderson, Marc Evans, Katja Von Garnier, ErnestDickerson and Vondie Curtis-Hall.

Meanwhile the World Cinemasection reads like a checklist of 2003 festival favourites including Goodbye,Lenin!, The Return, Spring, Summer, Autumn, WinterAnd Spring, Last Life In TheUniverse and Carandiru, although it also includes five world premieres Alberto Durant's The Con Gamefrom Peru, Zeka Laplaine's Le Jardin De Papa from Democratic Republic Of Congo, Gary B Yates' Seven Times Lucky from Canada, Federico Hidalgo's A Silent Love also from Canada and Rodrigo Rey Rosa's WhatSebastian Dreamt from Guatemala.

Festival chief GeoffreyGilmore confirmed that the main criteria for World Cinema titles now is thatthey will receive their US premiere at the festival. 'Whether the film has beenat Pusan, Toronto or San Sebastian, we only insist that the film has its USpremiere with us,' he explains. 'There are so many international festivalchoices for a film that these criteria make it easier for us. We think it'simportant for US audiences to see international work, especially in light ofthe isolation of American culture.'

Several UK films appear inthe Premieres section including world premieres of Evans' Trauma starring Colin Firth and Shona Auerbach's DearFrankie which was recently picked upby Miramax for North America.

Gilmore has also merged theAmerican Showcase section into the Premieres section, meaning that there willbe three Premiere screenings a day at the festival. The programming team hasalso placed three foreign-language films into the Premieres section Germandrama Love In Thoughts directedby Achim Von Borries and starring Goodbye Lenin! star Daniel Bruhl, Takeshi Kitano's crowd-pleaser Zatoichi from Japan and the South Korean animated actioner SkyBlue directed by Moon-saeng Kim andSunmin Park.

The star quotient is highand includes heartthrob du jour Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect, Matt Dillon in dark comedy Employee Of The Month, future Superman Christian Bale in Anderson'sSpanish-financed The Machinist,Julianne Moore and Matthew Broderick in the world premiere of Tom Cairns' MarieAnd Bruce, Gael Garcia Bernal inSalles' long-awaited The Motorcycle Diaries, Gary Oldman, Kate Beckinsale and MatthewMcConaughey in Matthew Bright's Tiptoes and the ensemble casts of Eulogy, Iron Jawed Angels and Saved. Star spotters in Park City will not be disappointed.

Gilmore pointed to two othertrends in the festival next year. First, he said, there was a dramatic upsurgein the presence of African American films 12 in the programme this year.'There is a clear commitment by new African American directors and producers towork in the independent arena as opposed to Spike Lee, Quincey Jones and DougMcHenry, for example, who have all worked in the studio system,' he opined.

He also points to severalentries in the festival which employ a reality aesthetic to tell stories whichhe attributes to the explosion in reality TV over the last two years. 'We have Tarnation in Frontier, which uses reality style technique andclips to tell a fictional tale, September Tapes [American Spectrum] about a guy who goes toAfghanistan to shoot a revenge film and even CSA: Confederate States OfAmerica [American Spectrum] whichplays like a fictional documentary,' he says.


Bright Young Things
International sales: The Works

Dir: Stephen Fry
Cast: Emily Mortimer, Stephen Campbell Moore, James McAvoy, Michael Sheen,Fenella Woolgar, Peter O'Toole, John Mills, Dan Aykroyd, Jim Broadbent

Fry's directorial debutwhich world premiered at Toronto is an adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's Vile Bodiesabout the sex, scandal and celebrity of the early 1930s in London.

The Butterfly Effect

Domestic dist: New Line.Int'l sales: Kathy Morgan International

Dirs: J Mackye Gruber& Eric Bress

Cast: Ashton Kutcher,Eric Stoltz, Amy Smart

A thriller about a youngman's struggle to come to terms with his personal demons. In his attempts toexorcise his past, he learns that in trying to change history, everything heknows is thrown into chaos.


Domestic dist: ScreenGems. Int'l dist: Columbia TriStar

Dir: Angela Robinson

Cast: Sara Foster,Jordana Brewster, Meagan Goode, Devon Aoki, Jill Ritchie, Jimmie Simpson, GeoffStultz, Holland Taylor, Michael Clarke Duncan

The feature of Robinson'saward-winning short (which also played Sundance) about an elite teencrime-fighting force known as the DEBS whose existence is threatened when topmember Amy Bradshaw falls for the group's arch nemesis Lucy Diamond.

Dear Frankie (UK)

Domestic dist: MiramaxFilms. Int'l sales: Pathe International

Dir: Shona Auerbach

Cast: EmilyMortimer, Gerard Butler, Jack McElhone

Recently picked up byMiramax for North America, Dear Frankie features Mortimer as a woman whoinvents a make-believe parent for her deaf son to protect him from the truth.

The Dreamers (Italy)

Domestic dist: FoxSearchlight. Int'l sales: HanWay Films.

Dir: Bernardo Bertolucci

Cast: Michael Pitt, EvaGreen, Louis Garrel, Robin Renucci

World premiered at Venicethis year, Bertolucci's latest follows three young cineastes drawn togetherthrough their passion for film in politically tumultuous Paris of 1968.

Edge Of America

Dir: Chris Eyre

Cast: James McDaniel,Irene Bedard, Tim Daly, Wes Studi

Cultural preconceptions arechallenged when an African American high school teacher begins coaching a NativeAmerican girls' basketball team.

Employee Of The Month

Int'l sales: SyndicateFilm International

Dir: Mitch Rouse

Cast: Matt Dillon, SteveZahn, Christina Applegate
David Walsh has the perfect life until he loses his dream job, home and fiancZein 24 hours. His low-life pal Jack throws gas on the fire as David's lifeexplodes with life and betrayals. The first completed film to be seen out ofBob Yari's Bull's Eye Entertainment.


Domestic dist: LionsGate. Int'l sales: Myriad Pictures

Dir: Michael Clancy

Cast: Hank Azaria, JesseBradford, Zooey Deschanel, Glenne Headley, Famke Janssen, Piper Laurie, KellyPreston, Ray Romano, Rip Torn, Debra Winger

A young girl finds herselfamidst a comical frenzy when three generations of a dysfunctional family reunitefor her grandfather's funeral.

Gett'n The Man's Foot Outta Your Assss!

Domestic dist: SonyPictures Classics. Int'l dist: Showtime.

Dir:Mario Van Peebles

Cast:Mario Van Peebles, Cleo Khlio Thomas, TK Carter, Ossie Davis, Nia Long

Picked up by Sony Classicsout of Toronto, this made-for-Showtime movie is Mario Van Peebles' ode to hisfather's pioneering film career which led him to turn his back on Hollywood andhis family. Mario plays Melvin in the film.

Iron Jawed Angels

Domestic dist: HBO Films.Int'l sales: HBO Films London

Dir: Katja Von Garnier

Cast: Hilary Swank,Frances O'Connor, Julia Ormond, Anjelica Huston, Molly Parker, Bob Gunton,Patrick Dempsey, Laura Fraser, Lois Smith

The true story of the youngmilitant women who created a radical campaign to support suffrage, leading tothe 23rd amendment recognizing women's right to vote.

Love In Thoughts(Germany)

World sales: Beta Cinema

Dir: Achim Von Borries

Cast: Daniel Bruhl,August Diehl, Anna Maria Muehe, Jana Pallaske, Thure Linhardt

Four high-school students in1920s Berlin go on a summer outing but their drunken bohemian party turnsdeadly serious as the weekend progresses.

The Machinist (Spain)

Int'lsales: Filmax International

Dir:Brad Anderson

Cast: Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh, AitanaSanchez-Gijon, John Sharian, Michael Ironside

A machinist suffering frominsomnia starts to investigate the strange occurrences which are turning hisworld into a sleepless nightmare. The more he learns, the less he wants toknow.

Marie And Bruce

Dir: Tom Cairns

Cast: Julianne Moore,Matthew Broderick, Bob Balaban, Julie Hagerty, Griffin Dunne

Holedigger Films'star-studded adaptation of the Wallace Shawn play about an urban couple on theday that Marie decides to leave Bruce.

The Motorcycle Diaries

Domestic dist: MiramaxFilms. Int'l sales: Pathe International

Dir: Walter Salles

Cast: Gael Garcia Bernal,Rodrigo De La Serna, Ulises Dumont, Facundo Espinosa

Based on the 1954 journalsof Che Guevara and his traveling companion Alberto Granado, documenting thechange of young Guevara from student vagabond to aspiring revolutionary leader.Salles' long-awaited film which was financed by FilmFour.

Never Die Alone

Domestic dist: FoxSearchlight. Int'l sales: Content International

Dir: Ernest Dickerson

Cast: Jennifer Sky, DavidArquette, DMX

Based on the 1974 novel ofgangster and pulp novelist Donald Goines, who used his personal experiences topen several books before his death. When a young ganglander dies, the reporterwho witnessed his death investigates the case using the victim's journals.

RedemptionWorldwide rights: FX Network

Dir: Vondie Curtis-Hall

Cast: Jamie Foxx, LynnWhitfield

The made-for-US-TV trueaccount of Stan 'Tookie' Williams, the founder and leader of the LA gang TheCrips who seeks redemption with the help of a novelist.

Riding GiantsWorld sales:StudioCanalDir: StaceyPeralta

Three generations of bigwave surfing pioneers, from the 50s to the present day, tell the compellinglife and death story of their vital commitment and passionate pursuit of ridinggiants. From the director of Dogtown And Z-Boys.

The Saddest Music InThe World (Canada)

Domestic dist: IFC Films. Int'l sales: RhombusInternational

Dir: Guy Maddin

Cast: IsabellaRossellini, Mark McKinney, Maria de Madeiros, David Fox, Ross McMillan

A triumph at the TorontoFilm Festival this year, Maddin's black and white feature is the story of abeer baroness who stages a contest in Winnipeg, Canada, to determine whichcountry can create the saddest music in the world.

SavedWorldwide dist: United Artists

Dir: Brian Donnelly

Cast: Jena Malone, MandyMoore, Macauley Culkin, Patrick Fugit, Mary-Louise Parker

Made an outcast in hersmall, Baptist high school because of her pregnancy, a young girl finds thecourage to rise above her restrictive surroundings.

Sky Blue (South Korea)

Int'l sales: Maxmedia

Dirs:Moon-saeng Kim & (English language version) Sunmin Park

A futuristic animatedfeature of the war and love which threatens to tear humanity apart. Withcivilization destroyed by war, conflict erupts when one man seeks to create anew utopia whilst regaining the heart of the woman lost to his mortal enemy.


World sales: Wild Bunch

Dir: Matthew Bright

Cast: Gary Oldman, KateBeckinsale, Matthew McConaughey, Patricia Arquette

A sexually charged story ofloyalty, love and difference set against the backdrop of the annual LittlePeople Of America convention. World premiered in the Panorama section of theFestival Of American Film at Deauville this year.

Touch Of Pink (Canada)

Int'l sales: Alliance Atlantis PicturesInternational

Dir: Ian Iqbal Rashid

Cast: Jimi Mistry, KyleMacLachlan, Kristen Holden-Ried, Suleka Mathew

Alim's imaginary friend, theghost of Cary Grant, coaches him in the role of straight, upper-class Englishlad when his shrewd, conservative mother visits.

Trauma (UK)

Int'l sales: Myriad Pictures

Dir: Marc Evans.

Cast: Colin Firth, MenaSuvari, Brenda Fricker

The first film from UKproduction company Little Bird's horror arm Ministry Of Fear, Trauma is thestory of a man whose sense of reality spins out of control after the supposeddeath of his wife. Warner Bros has UK distribution.

Zatoichi (Japan)

Domestic dist: Miramax Films. Int'l sales: CelluloidDreams.

Dir: TakeshiKitano

Cast: Takeshi Kitano, Tadanobu Asano, Michiyo Ogusu, YuiNatsukawa, Guadalcanal Taka

Kitano's high style updateof Zatoichi, the classic Japaneseblind masseur and swordsman character, was the one of the biggest hits of theVenice and Toronto film festivals and quickly secured a domestic deal withMiramax Films.


15 (Singapore)

Dir: Royston Tan

Cast: Shaun Tan, MelvinChen, Erick, Vynh Soh, Melvin Lee

The trials and tribulationsof five disaffected teenagers perched precariously on the fringe of Singaporeansociety.

Carandiru (Brazil)

Domestic dist: SonyPictures Classics. Int'l dist: Columbia TriStar

Dir: Hector Babenco

Cast: Luiz CarlosVasconcelos, Milton Goncalves, Ivan de Almeida, Rodrigo Santoro, Maria LuisaMenonca, Gero Camilo

The events leading up to theprison riot at the notorious Sao Paolo prison of the title in which policekilled 111 inmates. A huge hit in Brazil, Carandiru had its internationalpremiere in competiton at Cannes.

The Con Game (Peru)

Dir: Alberto 'Chico'Durant

Cast: Fernando Cayo,Fabrizio Aguilar, Katia Condos, Gianfranco Brero, Gianella Neyra, CarlosAlcantara, Montserrat Brugue

Seven unscrupulouscharacters cross paths, enchanted by an adept swindler and the possibility heoffers for making their most pressing dreams a reality. World premiere screening.

Donau, Duna, Dunaj,Dunav, Dunarea (Austria)

Dir: Goran Rebic

Cast: Otto Sander, RobertStadlober, Annabelle Mandeng, Florin Piersic Jr

A ship captain steers afinal voyage down the Danube to fulfill the last wishes of a dead woman. Alongthe way, characters from various Eastern European countries find their wayhome. Previously seen at San Sebastian and the Viennale.

Goodbye, Lenin!(Germany)

Domestic dist: SonyPictures Classics. Int'l sales: Bavaria Film International

Dir: Wolfgang Becker

Cast: Daniel Bruhl,Katrin Sass, Chulpan Khamatova, Maria Simon, Alexander Beyer, Florian Lukas

The German box officesensation, festival favourite and Germany's submission for the Academy Awardsthis year in which a young east German man struggles to make his mother believethat the Berlin wall hasn't fallen when she wakes up from a coma.

A Good Lawyer's Wife(South Korea)

Int'l sales: E Pictures

Dir: Sangsoo Im

Cast: So-Ri Moon,Jeong-Min Hwang, Yeo-Jeong Yun, In-Moon Kim

Both a young-at-hearthousewife and her hard working lawyer husband have taken lovers, but the familyis shaken out of its rut when tragedy strikes.

I'll Sleep When I'mDead (UK)

Domestic dist: ParamountClassics. Int'l sales: Conquistador Entertainment.

Dir: Mike Hodges

Cast: Clive Owen,Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Malcolm McDowell, Charlotte Rampling

When a young man is brutallyattacked one night, a story of brotherhood, loss and fear is unearthed. Thefilm played in the Moscow and Toronto film festivals.

Kounandi (BurkinaFaso)

Dir: Apolline Traore

Cast: Coty Deborah,Noufou Ouedraogo, Aminata Dao, Olga Toe, Adama Kone

Kounadi was born a dwarf andis rejected by the village. She later falls in love with a married man. Unableto win his heart, she sacrifices everything.

Last Life In TheUniverse (Thailand)

Domestic dist: PalmPictures. Int'l sales: Fortissimo Film Sales.

Dir: Pen-ek Ratanaruang

Cast: Asano Tadanobu,Sinitta Boonyasak, Matsuhige Yutaka, Takeuchi Riki, Miike Takashi, LailaBoonyasak, Tanaka Yohji, Sato Sakichi

Thrown together by a commontwist of fate, a suicide-obssessed Japanese man and Thai working girl hide outtogether, hoping to find love and redemption.

Le Jardin De Papa(Democratic Republic Of Congo)

Dir: Zeka Laplaine

Cast: Rim Turki aliasMarie, Laurent Labasse alias Jean, Princess Ericka alias Kapinga, Akela Sagnaalias Tomba

A young French couple, ontheir honeymoon in Africa, become inadvertently involved in an accident, and,as a result, the political and social tensions of a small, poor town.

Love By Mistake(Spain/Cuba)

Dir: GerardoChijona

A group of artsyintellectuals play musical beds in contemporaray Havana.

The Missing Half(Belgium)

Worldwide sales: France Television Distribution.

Dir: Benoit Mariage

Cast: Dominique Baeyens,Philippe Grand'Henry, Laurent Kuenhen, Jan Decleir

Three people who feelthey have something missing from their lives form an intense friendship.

Mon Idole (France)

Worldwide sales: M6Droits Audiovisuels

Dir: Guillaume Canet

Cast: Francois Berleand,Guillaume Canet, Diane Kruger, Philippe Lefebvre

A weekend from hisTV-producer boss is a dream come true for Bastien, but his boss has other plansfor his young admirer.

Nina's Tragedies(Israel)

Dir: Savi Gavison

Cast: Ayelet Zourer,Yoram Hatav, Alon Aboutboul, Anat Waxman

The Israeli submission forthe Oscar and a big local hit, Gavison's film is the story of a family from theperspective of a 14 year-old especially his great love for his beautiful auntNina.

The Principles Of Lust(UK)

Worldwide sales: PatheInternational

Dir: Penny Woodcock

Cast: Alec Newman, Marc Warren, Sienna Guillory, Lara Clifton

Two new acquaintancespresent an aspiring writer with two opposing, equally seductive life paths.

Remember Me (Italy)

Int'l sales: The Works

Dir: Gabriele Muccino

Cast: FebrizioBentivoglio, Laura Morante, Monica Bellucci

Muccino's follow-up to TheLast Kiss is a comic study of amiddle-class household in Rome in which the father is revisiting a youthfulromance, the mother is taking steps to be an actress and the daughter wants tobe a TV dancer.

The Return (Russia)

Domestic dist: KinoInternational. Int'l sales: Intercinema

Dir: Andrey Zvyagintsev

Cast: VladimirGarin, Ivan Dobronavov, Konstantin Lavronenko, Natalia Vdovina

Venice Golden Lion winnerThe Return, which also played at Montreal and Toronto, is the story of two boysand the family outing they go on with their father who has suddenly reappearedin their lives after a ten year absence.

Seducing Doctor Lewisaka La Grande Seduction (Canada)

Int'lsales: Max Films

Dir:Jean-Francois Pouliot

Cast:Raymond Bouchard, David Boutin, Benoit Briere, Bruno Blanchet

The huge Quebecois hit and aCannes Film Festival selection in Directors Fortnight about a small fishingtown whose inhabitants pull out all the stops to persuade a plastics company tobuild a factory there.

Seven Times Lucky(Canada)

Dir:Gary B Yates

A con man attempts to savehis career and meets his match in a beautiful grifter.

Silence Of The Sea(Iran)

Dir: Vahid Mousaian

Cast: Masoud Rayegan,Hossein Sheydai

An Iranian ex-patriot visitsa neutral island off the coast of Iran in an attempt to reunite with his pastand reclaim his identity.

A Silent Love (Canada)

Dir: Federico Hidalgo

Cast: Noel Burton,Vanessa Bauche, Susana Salazar

An aging professor marries ayoung Mexican woman through an internet agency. When she brings her widowedmother with her to Montreal, an unexpected romance blossoms.

Silent Waters(Pakistan)

Dir: Sabiha Sumar

Cast: Kirron Kher, AamirMalik, Arsad Mahmud, Salman Shahid

Based on the actual events,the story of a woman and her son in Pakistan between 1947 when the countrybecame a Muslim state and 1979 when martial law was imposed in 1979.

Spring, Summer,Autumn, Winter - .And Spring (South Korea)

Domestic dist: SonyPictures Classics. Int'l sales: CineClick Asia/Bavaria Film International

Dir: Kim Ki-duk

Cast: Young-Soo Oh,Jong-Ho Kim, Jae-Kyung Seo, Young-Min Kim

The hit of Locarno andToronto, Kim Ki-duk's change-of-style movie became Sony Classics' first everKorean pick-up. Against the dreamlike background of a monastery floating on apond in a forest, panoramic portraits of life flow by in accordance with thefour seasons.

Stander (Canada/SouthAfrica/UK)

Int'l sales: ConquistadorEntertainment

Dir: Bronwen Hughes

Cast: Thomas Jane, DexterFletcher, David Patrick O'Hara, Deborah Kara Unger, Marius Weyler, AshelyTaylor

After participating in thebrutal killing of rioters, Andre Stander, a South African homicide/robberypolice captain decided to defy the very system he was a part of an set off onan audacious crime spree. World premiered at Toronto.

Take My Eyes (Spain)

Int'l sales: Sogepaq

Dir: Iciar Bollain

Cast: Laia Marull, LuisTosar, Rosa Maria Sarda, Candela Pena

A woman in a small townstruggles to leave her abusive marriage behind.

A Thousand PeaceClouds Encircle The Sky (Mexico)

US dist: StrandReleasing. Int'l sales: Imcine.

Dir: Julian Hernandez

Cast: Juan Carlos Ortuno,Juan Torres, Perla De La Rosa, Salvador Alvarez

In the course of five days,a gay teen searches the streets of Mexico City for his true love.

The Three Step Dancing(Italy)

Dir: Salvatore Mereu

Cast: Caroline Ducey,Yael Abecassis, Massimo Sarchielli, Michele Carboni

Following the four seasons, TheThree Step Dancing presents fourseemingly disparate stories which reflect the nature-inflected rhythms andtraditions of Sardinia.

What Sebastian Dreamt(Guatemala)

Dir: Rodrigo Rey Rosa

Cast: Andoni Gracia,Juliette Deschamps, Juan Carlos Vellido, Marian Arenas, Alexis Herrera

Inspired by the junglelandscape, a young Spaniard moves into the Guatemalan rainforest. His ban onhunting incenses a local family who trade in hides. When a murder is committedon his land, his testimony implicates the family who use sex, intimidation andlocal wisdom to take their revenge.


The Basque Game: SkinAgainst Stone (Spain)

Dir: Julio Medem

All aspects of the Basqueseparatist movement are put under the microscope by the director of Sex AndLucia, Lovers Of The Arctic Circleand Vacas.

The Big Durian(Malaysia)

Dir: AmirMuhammad

On Oct 18, 1987, a soldierran amok with an M-16 in Kuala Lumpur. 23 Malaysians talk about his rampage,which tr