Belgian road movie Aaltrawas the most popular film with audiences at the Transylvania Film Festival (May28-June 6), the growing Romanian event now in its third year.

The festival's officialfirst prize went to Dias De Santiago, a Peruvian film directed by JosueMendez about a young soldier who has difficulty adjusting to real life.

The jury designatedDenmark's Christoffer Boe, responsible for Reconstruction, as the bestdirector in the 12 strong competition section. Best cinematography prize wentto Shandar Berkeshi for Russian film Koktebel (aka The Roads ToKoktebel). Koktebel also earned its lead actors Gleb Puskepalis andIgor Chernevich the award for best performance.

Over the nine days of thefestival, held in picturesque Cluj, the festival screened a total of 80 filmsand was well attended by industry figures including EFA's Marion Doerring,producers Simon Relph and Cedomir Kolar and stars including Julie Delpy andMaia Morgenstern.

Best Film and Transylvania Trophy
Josue Mendezfor Dias De Santiago (Peru 2004)

BestDirection ($1,500offered by HBO)
Christoffer Boe for Reconstruction (Denmark 2003)

Best Camera (offeredby Kodak Cinelabs)
Shandar Berkeshi for Koktebel (Russia 2003)

Best Performance - Agressione Awards ($1,000)
Gleb Puskepalis and Igor Chernevich for Koktebel (Russia 2003)

Special Mention (offered by TV5)
Isolde Fischer for When The Right One Comes Along (Switzerland -Germany 2003)

Lifetime Award
(offered by Cable Communication Association)
Victor Rebengiuc, Romania

Critics' Award (offered by the Association of Film Critics)
Morten Tyldum,for Buddy (Norway2003)

Best Romanian Short Film from Romanian Days (offered by the Associationof Film Filmmakers)
Corneliu Porumboiu, for Liviu's Dream (2004)

Debut in Romanian Film (offered by Jolidon)
Constantin Popescu for The Apartment (2004)

Cinemagia Award
BenoItDelepine and Gustave Kervern for Aaltra (France, Belgium 2004).

Best short movie in Shadows Award (awarded by Cinemagia Jury)
Paul Fuller For Dummy (UK 2003)

Audience Award (by vote)
BenoItDelepine and Gustave Kervern for Aaltra (France, Belgium 2004).