Ryan Harrington, formerly of A&E IndieFilms, has been hired as the new head of New York-based Internet distributor IndiePix.

The recently launched IndiePix allows indie film-makers to submit their films for distribution via the virtual stuiod and monitor sales online.

At IndiePix, Harrington will be responsible for overseeing all film-making relations and also managing (as executive producer) the productions IndiePix in which is involved.

He will also coordinate DVD and digital acquisitions as well as sales to broadcasters in the US and abroad.

Harrington previously oversaw production for A&E IndieFilms, working on hits such as Jesus Camp and American Teen. He also worked on productions of TV programmes including Stars On Ice, Horatio Hornblower and Shackleton.

Bob Alexander, president of IndiePix, said: 'We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of alternative and creative forms of distribution and IndiePix Studios is the first of its kind solely for independent filmmakers. With his proven track-record and impressive experience in the film and production industry, Ryan Harrington will play a pivotal role in supporting our filmmakers and sales expansion.'

Harrington added: 'When leading independent film companies are laying people off and shutting up shop, it is really encouraging that organisations like IndiePix are still working hard to champion the independent film cause. Over the last couple of years I have watched IndiePix grow and build an established name for itself in the industry. It really is an inspiring company to be a part of and for it to be able to offer something new to the market is both interesting and exciting.'
Harrington will remain on the board of HotDocs and will stay involved in the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund, which gives finishing funds to social issue documentaries.

Harrington will be attending the Oxford-based BritDoc festival, which kicks off today and runs through Friday.