Aardman Animations, producers of hits including Wallace & Gromit, is launching itsown mobile channel on the Orange TV service.

The Aardman Animations channelwill run a video loop of content which will be refreshed weekly. The channelwill include Aardman's own work plus otherinternational animated content. The mobile content will be created in-house atthe Bristol-based company.

Aardman has already had success with mobile content, selling morethan 10,000 video clips a day on mobile networks.

Aardman said it plans to extend deals with other operators in the UK and other territories in coming months. Crucible Media, Aardman's mobile agent, brokered the deal.

Sean Clarke, head of licensing and marketing at Aardman Animations, said: "This is a very important stepforward for Aardman in the mobile space. We have paida huge amount of attention to ensuring the product is just right for theconsumers, ensuring they come away satisfied even if they watch the product foronly a couple of minutes. We have had considerable success with individualcontent brands on Orange, especially Angry Kidand Wallace and Gromitand this presents the opportunity to build on that success with a wider rangeof content."