The Spanish co-producer behind The Tulse Luper Suitcases series, ABS Production-Barcelona, has boarded another project involving several of the same co-production partners: a thriller set against the world of art trafficking and forgeries.

ABS is teaming up with Tulse Luper partners Kasander Film Company and Delux Productions on Paul Tickell's The Tempest, together with Net Entertainment.

As with Tulse Luper, ABS says it will be a 20% co-producer on the Euros 7.5m film, set to shoot this autumn between Venice and the Deluxe studios in Luxembourg, with post-production in Spain.

The Tempest follows a famous painting's disappearance from a Venice gallery and is based on the international best-seller by Juan Manuel de Prada to which Kasander optioned rights.

ABS (formerly known as TS Productions) co-principals Eva Baro and Antoni Sole are also gearing up for the Spain shoot of portions of the third part of Tulse Luper later this year. They closed local TV deals on all three parts for pay-TV (Via Digital) and regional free-to-air (TV Catalunya). Lauren Films has Spanish theatrical rights.

Next ABS hopes to attract an international cast and backers to their own English-language, India-set musical comedy Jungle Red from hot writer-director Antoni Aloy, whose 1999 debut feature Presence Of Mind starred Lauren Bacall and Harvey Keitel. The Euros 3m film is set against the Bollywood musicals.

In earlier stages of development, Tulse Luper line producer Edmon Roch and newcomer Alexander Adams have written a script for an English-language horror film called Shot, and veteran Bigas Luna (Salami, Salami) is expected to helm two Euros 1m-1.3m documentaries for theatrical release, one on Catalan artist Joan Miro and the other on the director's favourite divas.