The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences has resolved a trademark lawsuit against Italian television broadcaster RAI and said the settlement was amicable.

The Academy's lawyers filed a suit in the United States District Court in Los Angeles in 2005 after the broadcaster aired Italian-language 'Oscar' award shows covering wine, fashion, TV and theatre.

The terms of the settlement were not publicly disclosed, however Academy attorney David Quinto confirmed that the Academy maintains exclusive right to use the name 'Oscar' for awards shows and that the name has not become generic in Italian or any other language.

The Academy submitted evidence showing that the 'Oscar' trademark is well known among Italian speakers and that use of the trademark would confuse viewers if it were connected to anything other than the Academy Awards.

Quinto also argued that there was undisputed evidence that Italian dictionaries first and foremost define 'Oscar' as the award handed out by the Academy.

Other Academy lawsuits against RAI are still underway in Germany and Switzerland, as well as in Austria where a court issued a preliminary injunction against RAI's use of the 'Oscar' mark.