"Why is the UK such a difficult place to builda production business'" is the question at the heart of a one day seminar "ShowBusiness or No Business'" being organised by the Ateliers du Cinema Europeen(ACE) next month (Oct 15) in London.

ACE argues that UK producers find it uniquelydifficult to retain rights and that, even as producers-for-hire, they arefrequently expected to give up their fees in order to close the financing ofthe films they are making.

A number of producers will speak about their businessplans, while ACE president Simon Perry and L'Homme Du Train co-producerCarl Clifton will host a debate asking what lessons are to be learned.

Founded in 1993, ACE is a Paris-based organisation for advanced training and development which puts independentproducers at the heart of the European film-making process. It is backed bybodies including the Media Plus programme, the city of Paris, the UK FilmCouncil and Producers' association Procirep.