Cinema attendance figures in Argentina dropped by an estimated 1% in 2008. The period saw 34.2 million admissions as opposed to 34.5 million in 2007.

However, total box office gross was 18% up from last year because of a 20% rise in the average ticket price, according to provisional figures from Nielsen EDI Argentina and Ultracine.

Hollywood blockbusters took a 79.9 % share of the market (82.1 % in the same period of 2007), local productions logged 11.5% (from last year's 9%), while European, Asian and other Latin American films took a 8.6% (8.9% a year ago).

The 73 Argentinian titles (co-productions included) released during 2008 sold four million admissions (3.1m in 2007). Juan Taratuto's romantic comedy Un Novio Para mi Mujer (A Boyfriend for my Wife) was the only local hit in the annual top ten with 1.45m admissions and the second most popular film of the year after Kung Fu Panda (1.55m admissions). Frank Oz's British black comedy Death At A Funeral (0.56m) was the most successful European production of the period.

Top 10 (Country of origin) Admissions
1 Kung Fu Panda (US) 1.55m
2 Un Novio Para Mi Mujer (Argentina) 1.45m
3 The Dark Knight (US) 1.35m
4 Wall-E (US) 1.25m
5 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa* (US) 1.2m
6 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (US) 1m
7 Enchanted (US), 900.000
8 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (US) 0.78m
9 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (US) 0.7m
10 I Am Legend (US) 0.64m
* still on release

Local Top 10
1 Un Novio Para Mi Mujer (A Boyfriend For My Wife) 1.45m
2 High School Musical: El Desafio 0.5m
3 Empty Nest (El Nido Vacio) 0.265m
4 100% Lucha 0.25m
5 Brigada Explosiva: Mision Pirata 0.24m
6 Los Superagentes: La Nueva Generacion 0.23m
7 Motivos Para No Enamorarse 0.15m
8 Lion's Den (Leonera) 0.13m
9 Rain (Lluvia) 0.055m
10 The Legend (La Leyenda) 0.055m