The 21st edition of France'sFete du Cinema has recorded a 25% drop in attendance from the previous year.The three-day event logged 3.2 million admissions across the country.

Although the figure is amean drop from 2004 ' a record year ' it marks a 7% improvement on 2003. Althoughit is possible that weather played a role in the number of admissions ' Francehas been hit by a mini-heat wave.

Still, the June 26-28 event,during which movie-goers paying one full price entry of Eu2 can see as manyfilms as they want over the three days, helped to boost box office three-foldfrom the previous weekend.

Films that had the mostsuccess include Madagascar, French sequel Russian Dolls, BatmanBegins, Monster In Law, The Amityville Horror, TheInterpreter and Anthony Cordier's Cannes Directors' Fortnight entry ColdShowers.