AFI Fest 2001, the Los Angeles International Film Festival, announced its full lineup at a reception on Wednesday night. Joining the already announced opening night film (Dark Blue World), centrepiece gala (Lantana) and closing night film (Monster's Ball) are 57 feature films including eight world premieres. 49% of the entire festival programme is composed of foreign and foreign-language films.

In addition, AFI Fest will pay tribute on Nov 9 to director Ang Lee with a montage of his films, an onstage conversation between Lee and Marc Forster, the director of Monster's Ball and screenings of all his films.

Among the world premieres at AFI Fest is Henry Jaglom's Festival In Cannes, the latest whimsy from the idiosyncratic director shot during this year's film festival on the Cote d'Azur. Maximilian Schell, Anouk Aimee, Ron Silver and Greta Scacchi star in the film, with cameos by Peter Bogdanovich as a film director and New Line's Robert Shaye as a studio boss. The film will be screened with Faye Dunaway's directorial debut, the short film The Yellow Bird starring Brenda Blethyn and James Coburn.

Other world premieres are:
- According To Spencer (US), a romance directed by Shane Edelman and starring Jesse Bradford, Mia Kirschner and Brad Rowe.
- Escaflowne The Movie: A Girl In Gaia (Japan), Shoji Kawamori's latest anime epic about a high school student who is granted her wish to just disappear.
- Fight To The Max (US), a documentary about a boxing competition amongst inmates at the Louisiana prison directed by Simeon Soffer.
- Invisible Children (Colombia/Venezuela), a love story about the lengths a boy will go for his crush directed by Lisandro Duque Naranjo.
- The Search For John Gissing (US), Mike Binder's latest comedy about an American businessman and his wife who move to London and the Englishman he has come to replace. Binder stars with Janeane Garofalo and Alan Rickman.
- Tribute (US), a documentary directed by Kris Curry and Rich Fox about the struggles of tribute bands and their fans in their quest to live their dreams.

Among the sections are:
"International Competition" including No Man's Land (Bosnia), Nine Queens (Argentina), In The Bedroom (US), The New Country (Sweden), The Experiment (Germany), Elling (Norway), Crooked Earth (New Zealand) and Pauline Et Paulette (Belgium).
"Documentary Competition" including ABC Africa (Iran), Children Underground (US/Romania), Dogtown & Z-Boys (US) and Plaster Caster (US).
"European Showcase" including Felix & Lola (France), Italian For Beginners (Denmark), A Song For Martin (Sweden), The Tunnel (Germany) and Late Night Shopping (UK).
"American Directions" including DeMane Davis and Khari Streeter's Lift and Wendell Morris' The Medicine Show.
"Asian New Classics" featuring screenings of Baran (Iran), Maya (India), Pulse (Japan), Millenium Mambo (Taiwan), Joint Security Area (Korea) and What Time Is It There' (Taiwan).
"Latin Film Series" featuring The Devil's Backbone (Spain), Pinero (US), One Night With Sabrina Love (Argentina) and Perfume De Violetas (Mexico).