Fortissimo has reachedagreement with Gaga Communications for the sale to Japan of its Cannes-hopeful PSI Love You.

"We are thrilled that thisis a genuine AFM day one deal and shows that Japanese buyers are again feelingconfident enough to bid aggressively and close deals," said Fortissimo co-chiefWouter Barendrecht.

The film, by Roger Dodger-director Dylan Kidd, is a romantic fable about awoman who appears to be reunited with a boyfriend who died years before. Itstars Laura Linney, Topher Grace, Paul Rudd, Lois Smith, Gabriel Byrne andMarcia Gay Harden. Earlier licence deals included A-Film for Benelux, Lusomundofor Portugal, Prooptiki for Greece, Jaguar for the Middle East and United Kingfor Israel.

Gaga has previously handledother Fortissimo titles including Bear's Kiss, Millennium Mambo and Traces Of A Dragon.