Metrodome Distribution, the UK distributor of British hit Human Traffic, has formed a UK production company with Nicolas Winding Refn and Henrik Danstrup, the up-and-coming film-makers behind the two Danish films Pusher and Bleeder.

Titled NWR UK, the company will produce English-language features from the Danish duo, with director Winding Refn's English-language debut to shoot in October.

The company, jointly-owned by Metrodome and the Danish director-producer team, will also bring in projects from other new film-makers.

Winding Refn's English-language debut is an as-yet-untitled thriller set in Rio and the US. The project is co-written by Winding Refn and Hubert Selby Jr, the cult author of Last Exit To Brooklyn.

Metrodome, which released Pusher in the UK and is opening Bleeder in March, and the film-makers will finance the project. The partners aim to bring an international sales agent on board.

Also in the works is a low-budget British club culture film tentatively titled Club Le Monde. Writer-director Simon Rumley, who drew attention with his edgy debut Strong Language, is to shoot the project in May.

Metrodome Distribution managing director Rupert Preston aims for NWR to produce two or three films a year. Metrodome raised its distribution activities last year, picking up Bride Of Chucky from Good Machine International and scoring one of the year's most successful UK films with Human Traffic.

"This is the next step," Preston said. "One: we are ensuring that we are releasing films in the UK and two: we are sharing in revenues on a world-wide basis."