Japan's New Select was an early buyer for Belgian sexual fantasy film Praying Mantis.

Lou Broclain plays a woman involved in a love triangle, who despite her best intentions feels herself turning into a praying mantis, the female insect that kills its partners immediately after mating. Directed by veteran film-maker Marc Levie, who is making his feature debut.

The film has already been invited to a series of festivals including Sao Paulo (2003), Madrid Imagen (2003), San Jose Cinequest, Rome RIFF, Luxembourg Cinenygma, Brussels BIFFF, Montevideo Uruguay 2004, Fearless Tales San Fransisco, Bradford.

Handling sales through his own company Marc Levie Visuals, Praying Mantis has also been sold to Universe for Hong Kong, Kamras for Finland and Overseas Movie Distributors for Singapore.

Levie, known as a documentary-maker, has also worked in TV on the series The Bobby, soft erotic comedy series Serie Galante and Proposals Of Marriage.