Veteran sales agentPamela Pickering has joined Entertainment Business Group (EBG) as managingdirector, international sales.

EBG, based inCamarillo, north of Los Angeles, has recently set about making large-scale $20mto $80m studio-released movies in alliance with Story Island Entertainment andCanyonlight Entertainment.

Pickering, who mostrecently was president of international sales and distribution for InitialEntertainment Group (IEG), will direct international sales for EBG and itsproduction partners Story Island and Canyonlight.

She is pre-sellingtwo movies at AFM - epic adventure The Runelords based on the best-selling fantasy franchiseby David Farland and The Bridge To Javez inspired by the bestseller The Prayer Of Jabez.

Pickering was the firstwoman chairman of the American Film Marketing Association (AFMA) and held thetop sales positions at Mutual Film Company, Spelling Films International andRepublic Pictures International among other companies.