The UK's Tartan Films has picked up The Park, the 3D horror film by Hong Kong director AndrewLau, better known for co-directing the sensational Infernal Affairs police trio with Alan Mak.

Tartan has also picked up TheLast Horror Movie, the third feature fromWelsh director Julian Richards who shot the thrillers Silent Cry and Darklands. Tartan acquired all UK rights to the film from Bill Gavin'sveteran sales outfit Gavin Films.

The Park, which Laudirected between Infernal Affairsparts one and two, is sold by Korea's Mirovision and tells the tale of ateenage girl who is confronted with paranormal forces in a theme park, while insearch of her missing brother. It first screened at Sundance earlier this yearand since then has been sold by Mirovision to Manga for Spain and Media Filmsfor Italy.

Tartan plans an Augusttheatrical release for The Last Horror Movie, which centres on a serial killer who uses a video to lure his victimsto their doom.