In unquestionably the biggest deal of the AFM so far, Franchise Pictures has sold 26 pictures to Warner Bros for Latin America.

The deal was driven by Angel Eyes starring Jennifer Lopez and Trust Me starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, with other titles including Dance with Patrick Swayze and Viva Las Nowhere starring James Caan and Daniel Stern. Warner also took territories that hadn't already been sold on pictures such as Battlefield Earth and The Art Of War.

The deal was negotiated between Elie Samaha, Andrew Stevens and Lisa Wilson on behalf of Franchise Pictures and Steve Spiro, Quinn Coleman and Reydo Fara on behalf of Warner Bros.

The huge deal expands on the existing relationship between Warner and Franchise; Warner releases select titles in North America through Morgan Creek, and in Europe certain titles are funnelled through to the studio via Intertainment. The difference in this case is that Warner is directly buying and distributing the films across the Latin American continent. Franchise's relationship with the studio may now encompass direct domestic distribution sometime in the future.