Project: What's Working
Scrs: Agostino Ferrente, Giovanni Piperno
Estimated budget: $920,000 (Eu673,000)

What's Working (working title) is a docu-drama about mothers and children, set in Naples. It will be divided into three parts, charting the years from 1999-2009.

The first chapter chronicles the development stage of the project, where the directors interview possible candidates for the film's protagonists.

The second chapter is an outline of Interview With My Mother, a documentary the film-makers shot together in 1999 featuring four children named Adele, Enzo, Fabio and Silvana - the film's protagonists. The third chapter will be an update of their lives today, a decade on.

'When we came to Naples in 1999, it was a hopeful city,' say the film's co-directors, Agostino Ferrente and Giovanni Piperno. 'Some squares and streets were traffic-free, there were tourists. Now Naples is the symbol of huge problems some catastrophes that globalisation is causing to the environment, economics and society.'

What's Working is produced by Teatri Uniti.

Ferrente enjoyed great success with the 2006 docudrama The Orchestra Of Piazza Vittorio, about an orchestra composed of immigrants that played on Rome's Piazza Vittorio.

It picked up local awards including the Silver Ribbon and the Italian Foreign Press award for best documentary. Internationally, it premiered at the Locarno film festival, was picked up by Paris-based Wide Management and screened at festivals including Hong Kong and Tribeca.