After a five year hiatus, veteran filmmaker Alain Resnais is back with his next project, Pas Sur La Bouche.

True to form, Resnais returns with a musical comedy since his last effort, the phenomenally well-received On Connait La Chanson.

Pas Sur La Bouche is an adaptation of an operetta originally written by Andre Barde and Maurice Yvain and first produced in 1925. The farcical love triangle's script will be adapted by Resnais himself and produced by Bruno Pesery for Arena Films.

Cast includes some usual suspects: Sabine Azema, Pierre Arditi and Lambert Wilson. Daniel Prevost and Amelie stars Audrey Tautou and Isabelle Nanty round out the group. As with Chanson, Bruno Fontaine will handle musical writing duties.

Set to begin shooting in Paris in February for nine weeks, Bouche will be released in France in late 2003. Chanson swept the Cesar awards in 1998 winning in seven of the twelve categories in which it was nominated including best film, best actor and best writing.