Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia has unveiled details of his new film, Ferpect Crime (Crimen Ferpecto), prior to a ten-week shoot to roll in Madrid and Seville next Monday, November 17.

The director of such cult hits as Day Of The Beast and Common Wealth called the new film, about a slick department store salesman whose ambitiousness spawns one crime after another, "pure black comedy" structured "as a thriller."

Starting with his last film, 800 Bullets, and following a lengthy relationship with Andres Vicente Gomez's Lolafilms, de la Iglesia now produces his own films through Panico Films with partner Juanma Pagazaurtundua, in order to retain "control."

The Euros 3.75m Ferpect Crime - co-scripted by Jorge Guerricaechevarria and starring Guillermo Toledo (The Other Side Of The Bed) and Monica Cervera (Piedras) - is a 90% equal co-production between Panico and Spain's Sogecine.

Italy's Planet Pictures brought in the other 10% while TV rights were sold in Spain to Digital Plus, Television Espanola and Basque regional broadcaster ETB. France's La Fabrique de Films dropped out as a co-producer but retains rights in France and may contribute to post-production, the director said.

De la Iglesia is also understood to be working on a script and potentially set to direct the $23m, Hunchback Of Notre Dame-inspired medieval epic City Of Shadows for France's Fabrique. Sogecine may also co-produce.

Sogecine sales arm Sogepaq said it presented Ferpect Crime at the recent Mifed market to select territories and clients which have handled previous films from the director, but no pre-sales have yet been closed.