Columbia Tri Star/BVIMexico has picked up local distribution rights to documentary Alex Lora, directed by Luis Kelly. The joint distributioncompany headed by Philip Alexanderplans a nationwide release on some 200 prints, unprecedented for a documentary.

The 50+ year old Lora, described as a mix between MickJagger and Bob Dylan, is reveredas one of Mexico's icons. Lora and his band El Tri, have sold millions ofalbums and performed to sell out audiences in Mexico as well as Latin Americaand the U.S.

Columbia TriStarplans an outdoor premiere screening of the 'rockumentary' at the Guadalajara Film Festival in Marchprior to going wide in mid April during the Easter holidays. Lora is expectedto attend. Mexican film institute Imcine, a co producer, will sell the title at the AmericanFilm Market this February.

Another Columbia TriStarpickup, Sin Ton Ni Sonia, willalso premiere at the festivalslated for March 21 to 27. The urban satire is the feature debut of commercialsdirector Carlos Sama.