The new “Elstree Studios” named train is likely to set the pulses of trainspotter movie buffs racing.

UK train company First Capital Connect recently unveiled their excitingly named new train, the ‘Elstree Studios’, marking the longstanding history between the studio and the train line it was built on.

If you think about it, trains and films have proved a successful partnership for decades, ever since the silent movie days, when Buster Keaton risked life and limb for a few laughs in The General. From thrillers like Strangers on a Train and The Taking of Pelham 123, to hilarious road- (or should that be track-?) movies like Midnight Run and, well, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, the railways have provided cinema with some of the greatest story lines of all time.

And indeed, without the help of the railway, films like Star Wars, The Kings Speech, and Indiana Jones could never have been made at the now legendary Elstree and Borehamwood studios.

The ‘Elstree Studios’ will be in service connecting audience members and employees between the capital and its namesake studio in Hertfordshire, presumably along with film stars who are understandably bored of taking their private jets.

Elstree Studios managing director, Roger Morris, said of the occasion: “Elstree has always been known as the British Hollywood. Now Hollywood can eat its heart out as we’ve now got our own train which is fantastic!”

Whilst I suspect those in Hollywood may be able to keep their envy just about under wraps, FCC and Elstree have every right to be proud of their bright-pink plaque on the Elstree express.