Screen will be offering our Cannes-related stories – including news and reviews – for free during the festival.

Content goes in front of our usual pay wall as of Wednesday [May 11] morning, when the Cannes film festival and market get underway. The free Cannes-related content continues until the festival wraps on Cannes 22.

Our festival daily print editions will also be distributed for free at various points around Cannes, and we will post free pdfs of each daily here on for those not attending the festival (or unable to grab a print edition).

The Cannes Dailies and Cannes Product Guide are also available in iPad editions, downloadable for free from the iTunes App Store.

Also free will be our Diary Blog, full of the fun stories and party chatter from the Croisette; and editor Mike Goodridge’s new Cannes Competition Blog.

Catch up on everything at our Cannes microsite.