Alliance Atlantis' incometrust Motion Picture Distribution has recorded a 27% increase in its revenuefor 2004.

The rise, from $340m(C$410.5m) in 2003 to $433m (C$522.5m) in 2004, came from strong results acrossthe breadth of the company's holdings in Canada, the UK and Spain.

Canadian operations recordedtheir fourth consecutive year as the number one distributor, with an impressive 18%of national ticket sales. The company, which has key Canadian sub-distributionpacts with Miramax and New Line, credited such titles asThe Lord Of The Rings: The Return OfThe King, Fahrenheit 9/11, The Notebook, FindingNeverland, Eternal Sunshine Of TheSpotless Mind and The MotorcycleDiaries.

DVD unit saleswere also up 47% from the previous year. MPD's home video pact with UniversalStudios make them the largest single supplier to the Canadian market.

UK operation Momentum enjoyed itshighest-ever box office year - its revenue was up 19% from 2003 with 13releases including Lost In Translation, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and Inside I'm Dancing. The company said licensed film package deals signed in 2004 withfree-TV broadcaster Channel 4 and pay-TV giant BskyB will yield increasedrevenues going forward.

Aurum retained its positionas market leader in Spain, achieving the highest box office share amongindependent distributors. Successful DVD releases in2004 included The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King and The Passion Of The Christ. MPD said Aurum's new video distribution agreement is onmore favourable terms than the prior agreement and is expected to significantlyimprove video margins in 2005.

"2004 was ayear of record-breaking performance during which [MPD] continued to execute itsstated goals of growth and diversification," said MPD CEO Victor Loewy. Hesaid Momentum achieved "significant milestones" in theatrical and DVD saleswhile Aurum "began to capitalize on a variety of synergies anticipated at thetime of its acquisition."