There's about tobe a lot of new business cards printed at Alliance Atlantis. Two years afterintroducing its operating groups of Broadcast, Motion Picture Distribution andEntertainment, the company is re-integrating those groups into a single corporatestructure - all save Motion Picture Distribution, which became a distinctcorporate entity in the autumn of2003.

The company hasappointed former Broadcast Group CEO Phyliis Yaffe to the new role of COO ofAlliance Atlantis Communications to oversee the unified whole. She willcontinue to report to AAC chairman and CEO Michael MacMillan, as will JudsonMartin, senior executive vice president and chief financial officer. VictorLoewy, CEO of Motion Picture Distribution LP, will continue to report to the boardof directors of that entity, of which AAC owns 51% controlling stake.

The structural changescome in the wake of AAC's decision to cease in-house production and focuson broadcasting. Essentially Yaffe's new role replaces those of departedexecutives Peter Sussman and Seaton McLean.