Spanish outfit Alta Films has picked up theatrical rights for Spain to Juan Martinez Moreno's thriller A Good Man from Latido Films.

Moreno 's film has been gaining interest since its screening at Berlin in the EFM where it was sold to KEntertainment for Korea.

The film is a dark thriller about two close friends, Vicente (Tristan Ulloa) and Fernando (Emilio Gutierrez Caba) who work together as law professors until one day Vicente sees Fernando murder his wife, causing a moral dilemma as to whether he should tell the police. The characters' double standards lead to several more deaths.

A Good Man was produced by Tornasol Films, who also worked on Alex De La Iglesia's popular criminal drama The Oxford Murders and Danis Tanovic' mystery thriller Triage, starring Colin Farrell.

Moreno previously enjoyed success with his 2003 action comedy film Dos Tipos Duros, which picked up two awards at the Malaga Film Festival and was nominated for the CEC Award at the Cinema Writers Circle Awards in Spain.