Internet retailer Amazon has launched into the hugely competitive online DVD rentalmarket in the UK.

The service was launched today (Dec 10), and is integrated into Amazon's UK site, which is already a popular DVD retail store.

Unlike most other services,Amazon imposes a limit on the number of DVDs customers can rent per month. Itslower-priced plan costs £7.99 ($15.50) per month for two DVDs at a time,with a limit of four per month. The more expensive package is £9.99 permonth for three DVDs at a time, with a limit of six per month. Postage is free.

The UK market already hasseveral companies fighting for market share.

UK DVD rental companies VideoIsland and ScreenSelect merged in August. The merged firm, which offers brandedservices through a range of partners including Dixons, Tesco and Microsoft'sMSN, is facing off against Blockbuster and rivals like Webflix and Lovefilm.