Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Oscar-tipped French-language title Amelie is proving as much of a success abroad as it was at home. As of Dec 14 the crowd-pleaser has already sold over 17 million tickets in the 25 countries in which it has opened - equivalent to approximately $100m in box office gross. International sales company UGC International predicts the film will have passed 19 million admissions by the end of the year.

The biggest successes, outside France where the romantic comedy has recorded 8.1 million admissions since opening in April, include Germany (2.4m), North America (1.4m), Spain (1.1m) and the UK (790,000). Territories outside France currently account for 8.9m admissions

Amelie opens in Australia on Dec 26 for Dendy Films and opens in other territories including Italy, Taiwan, Brazil and Denmark during Jan and Feb 2002.