The cast and crew for Out To Sea (Mar Adentro), Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar's much-anticipated follow-up to international hit The Others, is taking shape prior to its October shoot in Spain.

The film stars Javier Bardem in a tale based on the real life story of a paralysed man's struggle for his right to die. Local TV regular Belen Rueda will co-star, marking her first feature film, alongside Lola Duenas, Mabel Rivera, Clara Segura, Celso Bugallo, Jose Maria Pou, Francesc Garrido and Joan Dalmau.

Much of the technical crew will be the same as on The Others, including cinematographer Javier Aguirresarobe and art director Benjamin Fernandez, with the new addition of make-up artist Jo Allen (The Hours, Gladiator). As usual, Amenabar will compose the music for the film.

Amenabar began writing the script with frequent collaborator Mateo Gil last year after considering the project for several years. Sampedro died in 1998 in an anonymously assisted, video-taped suicide.

Sogecine and Amenabar's own Himenoptero co-produce. The film will shoot between Galicia, Madrid and Barcelona starting in October.