MGM will present the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' Margaret Herrick Library with the UA photo archives including original still photography, publicity materials and paper documents relating to MGM and UA releases called the MGM/United Artists Collection.

The Academy will review, restore, catalogue and exhibit the collection as part of its Margaret Herrick Library. The UA library contains nearly 1,000 films such as The Apartment, In The Heat Of The Night, Annie Hall, Rocky, Rain Man, West Side Story and Midnight Cowboy.

'By making available these photos and documents to the care of the Academy's Library, we're ensuring that the vital role of United Artists, its films and its filmmakers will be part of the remarkable and continuing Hollywood story,' MGM chairman and CEO Harry Sloan said.

'The MGM/United Artists collection of photos, documents and marketing and publicity materials covers an incredibly vibrant era of Hollywood film-making history,' Academy resident Sid Ganis added. 'We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with MGM on preserving these important archives and we look forward to sharing it with future generations of filmmakers and historians.'