After a frantic week in London, Miramax International had closed most of its territorial package deals by the first day of play at MIFED. Two new clients - Japanese heavyweight Amuse Pictures and Taiwan's CMC - were among the regular buyers snatching the latest six-pack from worldwide distribution chief Rick Sands which was toplined by Scary Movie 2 and $55m adventure picture The Four Feathers (a Paramount release in North America).

Amuse took four films for Japan: The Four Feathers, Down To You, Boys And Girls and animated short The Bear. Also in Japan, Nippon Herald took Scary Movie 2 and About Adam, while Asmik Ace took Dracula 2000 and Wakin Up In Reno.

In Germany, Highlight Communications bought three films (Dracula 2000, Equilibrium and Scary Movie 2), while Concorde took two (The Four Feathers and Get Over It).

CMC bought Equilibrium and Dracula 2000 for Taiwan with Era taking The Four Feathers, Get Over It and Scary Movie 2. Lauren Films took six films for Spain including Scary Movie 2 and The Four Feathers. Lumiere bought six for Brazil including Dracula 2000, Equilibrium and The Four Feathers. Taewon bought four for South Korea including Dracula 2000 and Get Over It.

Meanwhile Scary Movie is approaching the $90m mark on its international release, bringing its worldwide total to some $240m - the biggest worldwide total for a Miramax film in history.