The Simpsons Movie barely keeps hold of the top spot for a fourth weekend, taking $22.3m from 49 territories, just beating The Bourne Ultimatum's $22.2m weekend take. The third instalment of the Bourne franchise shot up 423% this weekend after expanding in a further seven territories. The increase was catapulted by an impressive $13m opening in the UK in addition to a six-day $5.1m opening in Spain. Rush Hour 3 was up 18% after expanding in an additional 10 territories while Surf's Up and Stardust were up 45% and 63% respectively. A handful of Korean films made the top 20 - D-War and May 18 generated $5.9m collectively while new entries Underground Rendezvous and Changing Partners generated $2.5m and $1.8m respectively in their home territory. Filipino flick A Love Story and French romantic comedy Caramel were a few of the new entrants in the chart this week.

Bourne bites at Bart's heels
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)The Simpsons Movie (US)22,304,6227,131267,615,97049
2(13)The Bourne Ultimatum (US)22,242,4371,39428,073,36019
3(3)Ratatouille (US)16,685,0002,924149,423,00030
4(2)Harry Potter And The ... Phoenix (US-UK)15,411,7166,491588,940,61762
5(7)Rush Hour 3 (US)11,363,3861,74426,817,35817
6(4)Transformers (US)11,099,1755,492354,328,20452
7(12)Surf's Up (US)6,990,2602,16224,779,20137
8(5)Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (US)6,466,1512,345134,750,16313
9(9)Evan Almighty (US)5,142,8372,32732,145,29729
10(16)Stardust (US-UK)4,822,6586989,071,8715
11(8)Die Hard 4.0 (US)4,776,1242,090214,630,87518
12(6)D-War (S Kor)4,698,32550248,613,7042
13(10)May 18 (S Kor)3,370,50739739,796,4951
14NewUnderground Rendezvous (S Kor)2,523,8462814,694,1071
15(15)License To Wed (US)2,331,4651,27510,276,89213
16(44)I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (US)2,312,2783715,226,0426
17(11)Ocean's Thirteen (US)2,273,9531,036179,253,73740
18NewBratz: The Movie (US)2,019,0954672,884,0424
19(14)Chak De India (Ind)1,962,3595427,620,44117
20NewChanging Partners (S Kor)1,825,0012993,346,4631
21(18)Hairspray (US)1,672,56572524,636,4048
22NewA Love Story (Phil)1,493,728811,493,7281
23(17)Shrek The Third (US)1,350,7472,003415,477,01422
24(21)A Girl Cut In Two (Fr)1,252,9043723,199,8791
25NewBlood Brothers (Chi)1,249,3823681,646,3063
26(22)Monkey Magic (Jap)1,202,10646131,588,1451
27(20)Pokemon 2007 (Jap)1,201,279351 37,619,959 1
28(32)Next (US)1,086,98556135,358,5917
29*Hunting And Gathering (Fr)1,082,09915317,884,8803
30(27)No Reservations (US)957,6665274,879,62712
31(34)Knocked Up (US)940,42545818,093,80914
32(23)Because I Said So (US)926,64637521,892,8929
33(25)Masked Rider Den-o (Jap)924,790271 8,353,721 1
34NewCaramel (Fr)892,459187892,4592
35NewMarigold (Ind)886,341369886,34114
36 (29)Secret (HK-Taiwan)845,3903426,788,6885
37*Mr Bean's Holiday (US-UK-Fr)768,959341188,850,1706
38*Disturbia (US)763,87637411,638,71412
39*Planet Terror (US)720,7564184,787,13612
40 (30)Fracture (US)682,40931140,335,86918
*Re-entry - (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady