Shrek The Third knocked Jason Bourne out of the top spot this weekend, taking $17.8m over the three-day period after expanding in Italy and Scandinavia. The green ogre shot up a whopping 2,086% after generating $8m in its opening weekend in Italy, the best opening for an animated film ever in the territory. But The Bourne Ultimatum is still going strong: it fell by a mere 3%, taking $14.6m in its fourth weekend after expanding in six additional territories. Rom-com No Reservations was up 78% after opening in the UK, Russia and South Korea. And Japanese animation Evangelion 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone made the top 20 this weekend, with a $2.4m take in its home territory. German comedy Kein Bund Furs Leben and Korea's The Worst Guy Ever both fared well locally, each taking $1.5m over the weekend. 1408, 28 Weeks Later, Death Proof and Premonition all re-entered the chart.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(37)Shrek The Third (US)$17,873,7261,849$436,454,32023
2(1)The Bourne Ultimatum (US)$14,652,0612,302$76,119,34930
3(2)Ratatouille (US)$10,602,0002,774$190,475,00033
4(3)The Simpsons Movie (US)$7,616,3115,010$302,601,78633
5(5)Rush Hour 3 (US)$7,289,4132,257$52,968,67423
6(4)Harry Potter And The ... Phoenix (US-UK)$7,078,8744,486$626,302,28653
7(6)Knocked Up (US)$6,053,6411,581$37,213,73219
8(14)Disturbia (US)$4,056,6121,027$20,421,97619
9(20)No Reservations (US)$3,869,2311,317$12,764,27822
10(7)Transformers (US)$3,691,3252,780$367,102,83947
11(8)Evan Almighty (US)$3,461,9062,258$47,734,77535
12(9)Heyy Babyy (Ind)$3,096,634744$10,635,06017
13(19)Licence To Wed (US)$2,928,3501,525$18,373,69522
14*1408 (US)$2,909,161576$10,981,64813
15(17)Hairspray (US)$2,565,4831,126$32,710,57623
16(13)Surf's Up (US)$2,472,2471,792$37,037,33933
17NewEvangelion 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone (Jap)$2,420,06184$2,420,0611
18(12)Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (US)$2,128,5871,759$145,216,22212
19(59)War (US)$1,826,491464$2,131,1504
20(25)Life: Tears In Heaven (Jap)$1,761,122289$5,779,4521
21(23)Ocean's Thirteen (US)$1,604,889602$188,308,98219
22(31)I Know Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (US)$1,604,175601$9,362,2537
23(27)The Last Legion (US-Fr-UK-Slov)$1,587,286543$8,533,7976
24(55)Mr Brooks (US)$1,569,893470$7,696,49010
25NewKein Bund Furs Leben (Ger)$1,567,232301$1,567,2321
26NewThe Worst Guy Ever (S Kor)$1,534,931279$1,776,9161
27(10)May 18 (S Kor)$1,385,359253$48,086,4351
28(24)3 Amis (Fr)$1,271,191467$3,915,3462
29*28 Weeks Later (UK-US-Sp)$1,211,842422$27,859,5706
30*Death Proof (US)$1,194,543651$23,271,87810
31*Premonition (US)$1,149,678289$28,158,78010
32(21)Stardust (UK-US)$1,128,675379$14,303,4154
33(15)Die Hard 4.0 (US)$1,117,762965$222,812,58212
34(22)Gloss (Rus)$1,059,723498$3,899,4262
35(29)Taxi 4 (Fr)$1,015,552280$60,865,3643
36NewCeux Qui Restent (Fr)$1,004,722189$1,004,7221
37(30)Bratz (US)$973,410691$8,661,0145
38-4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days (Rom)$939,970297$1,266,7663
39NewLa Carta Esferica (Sp)$926,081211$926,0811
40(11)D-War (Kor)$820,186268$56,603,7241
*Re-entry - (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady