Comic-book fantasy Ghost Rider knocked Night At The Museum off the top spot, taking more than $16.6m internationally in its opening weekend. Luc Besson's Taxi 4 also showed impressive first-weekend results, grossing $14.1m in Belgium and France. Meanwhile, UK audiences flocked to see Edgar Wright's cop spoof Hot Fuzz - the film took $11.4m in its first five days, making it 2007's biggest UK opener. Italian director Fausto Brizzi's sequel Notte Prima Degli Esame - Oggi took almost $6.7m in its home territory after breaking box-office records for a Wednesday opening, taking $1.2m in one day. Romantic comedy Music And Lyrics was up 50%, opening in seven new territories this weekend and grossed $5.6m, taking it to $13.9m overall. And Clint Eastwood's Letters From Iwo Jima re-entered the chart with a 505% boost, taking $1.5m at the weekend after opening in Italy, Spain and Mexico.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1NewGhost Rider (US)$16,595,9171,748$16,595,91726
2(1)Night At The Museum (US)$14,297,1324,288$250,366,11829
3NewTaxi 4 (Fr)$14,132,772943$14,132,7723
4NewHot Fuzz (UK)$11,533,672426$11,533,6721
5NewLa Vie En Rose (Fr)$9,805,052700$9,805,0522
6(2)Blood Diamond (US)$8,520,3873,409$77,513,91355
7(4)Hannibal Rising (US)$8,014,7772,547$22,809,64818
8(3)The Pursuit Of Happyness (US)$7,845,0082,939$106,143,20148
9NewNotte Prima Degli Esami - Oggi (It)$6,681,067604$8,279,0981
10(8)Music And Lyrics (US)$5,648,920960$13,905,1608
11(6)Charlotte's Web (US)$5,465,0302,099$43,435,07936
12(5)Rocky Balboa (US)$3,770,5351,953$63,697,68823
13NewEklavya: The Royal Guard (Ind)$3,716,839583$3,716,83919
14(16)Dreamgirls (US)$3,631,2291,363$19,128,94225
15NewMiracle On 1st Street (S Kor)$3,208,771390$5,971,2061
16(7)Arthur And The Invisibles (Fr-US)$3,192,1082,287$78,821,82521
17(9)Babel (Mex-US)$2,494,8171,379$71,600,37339
18(11)Epic Movie (US)$2,421,076670$14,010,53310
19(23)Notes On A Scandal (UK-US)$2,245,003406$8,885,5128
20NewHighway Star (S Kor)$2,156,825332$3,987,6191
21(36)The Last King Of Scotland (UK-US)$1,890,063594$12,890,97831
22NewKing Naresuan II (Thailand)$1,868,453308$2,319,6641
23(17)Dororo (Jap)$1,791,793296$20,574,6761
24NewThe Good Shepherd (US)$1,719,941383$1,719,9414
25(10)A Day For An Affair (S Kor)$1,706,334326$8,619,7231
26(12)The Holiday (US)$1,682,879859$123,931,08131
27(14)Die Wilden Kerle 4 (Ger)$1,562,157858$11,996,5883
28*Letters From Iwo Jima (US)$1,504,881539$42,570,69614
29(13)Voice Of A Murderer (S Kor)$1,438,726285$18,351,0971
30(19)Odette Toulemonde (Fr)$1,405,781345$4,147,7513
31(29)The Queen (UK)$1,362,533832$48,712,59423
32(18)Casino Royale (Czech-Ger-UK-US)$1,297,829960$423,632,20024
33(34)The Lives Of Others (Ger)$1,282,607288$21,962,0099
34(15)Master Kims (S Korea)$1,113,644294$5,654,8211
35(22)Moliere (Fr)$1,084,935478$6,395,3532
36(20)Apocalypto (US)$1,045,966985$61,438,88917
37(31)Manuale d'Amore 2 (It)$1,009,968352$27,064,2932
38(28)KM 31 (Mex)$1,003,886250$6,253,8471
39(35)Bubble Fiction: Boom Or Bust (Jap)$971,259272$3,613,5431
40(21)Saw III (US)$959,076655$77,639,86313
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady
North America - Four-day weekend February 16-19 (includes Presidents' day) - Top 30
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Ghost Rider (US) Sony PicturesNEW$52,022,9083,619$14,375 -$52,022,908
2(-)Bridge To Terabithia (US) Buena VistaNEW$28,536,7173,139$9,091 -$28,536,717
3(1)Norbit (US) Paramount2$19,929,6623,138$6,351-42$62,011,840
4(-)Music And Lyrics (US) Warner BrosNEW$15,875,4712,955$5,372 -$21,404,090
5(-)Daddy's Little Girls (US) Lionsgate FilmsNEW$13,064,0752,111$6,189 -$18,757,324
6(-)Breach (US) UniversalNEW$12,261,8351,489$8,235 -$12,261,835
7(2)Hannibal Rising (Czech-Fr-UK-US) MGM Studios2$6,255,5643,003$2,083-52$22,917,904
8(5)Night At The Museum (US) 20th Fox9$4,866,9332,042$2,383-15$238,500,531
9(4)The Messengers (US) Sony Pictures3$4,341,8272,183$1,989-40$31,050,332
10(3)Because I Said So (US) Universal3$3,053,8502,446$1,249-67$34,311,515
11(8)Pan's Labyrinth (Mex-US-Sp) Picturehouse8$2,639,431905$2,917-26$30,486,056
12(9)Dreamgirls (US) Paramount10$1,967,3591,037$1,897-34$100,011,336
13(7)Smokin' Aces (US) Universal4$1,771,1801,107$1,600-57$34,421,936
14(6)Epic Movie (US) 20th Fox4$1,672,2181,426$1,173-63$38,268,898
15(10)The Queen (Fr-It-UK) Miramax20$1,609,141807$1,994-32$51,350,148
16(14)Letters From Iwo Jima (US) Warner Bros9$1,272,397651$1,955-2611,811,634
17(18)The Last King Of Scotland (UK) Fox Searchlight20$1,088,024384$2,833-19$12,959,378
18(16)Notes On A Scandal (UK) Fox Searchlight8$1,030,144413$2,494-33$15,427,044
19(12)The Pursuit Of Happyness (US) Sony Pictures10$883,814690$1,281-62$162,140,234
20(-)Eklavya: The Royal Guard (Ind) Eros InternationalNEW$812,26280$10,153 -$812,262
21(15)Babel (Mex-US) Paramount Classics17$706,687305$2,317-58$33,218,792
22(11)Stomp The Yard (US) Sony Pictures6$675,448626$1,079-71$60,350,812
23(-)Factory Girl (US) MGM StudiosNEW$631,735336$1,880 -$1,024,683
24(21)Blood Diamond (US) Warner Bros11$467,230225$2,077-40$55,859,580
25(27)Venus (UK) Miramax9$451,402157$2,875-4$2,435,176
26(24)Volver (Sp) Sony Pictures Classics16$443,802195$2,276-23$11,582,912
27(-)The Lives Of Others (Ger) Sony Pictures ClassicsNEW$438,816105$4,179 -$749,623
28(20)Children Of Men (UK-US) Universal9$435,745210$2,075-46$34,609,898
29(25)Happy Feet (Aus-US) Warner Bros14$410,377305$1,346-23$193,920,972
30(17)The Departed (US) Warner Bros20$407,187320$1,272-70$131,498,360
$1 = $1.00 Nielsen EDI
Year-on-year performance +19% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 30)
top 30 total 4-day gross $180m
UK/Ireland - Three-day weekend February 16-18 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-daySitesSite%Total
gross £gross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Hot Fuzz (UK) Universal Pictures Int'lNEW£5,917,401*$11,537,144427$27,019-$11,537,144
2(2)Charlotte's Web (US) Paramount Pictures Int'l2£1,895,160$3,694,989495$7,4650$12,074,128
3(1)Music And Lyrics (US) Warner Bros2£1,467,674$2,861,521432$6,624-24$10,189,115
4(3)Epic Movie (US) 20th Fox2£891,783$1,738,707331$5,253-35$6,709,811
5(7)Arthur And The Invisibles (Fr) Momentum Pictures3£673,024$1,312,193433$3,030-9$7,202,905
6(6)Blood Diamond (US) Warner Bros4£544,772$1,062,141307$3,460-33$11,737,738
7(5)Notes On A Scandal (UK) 20th Fox3£502,529$979,780267$3,670-40$7,537,565
8(4)Hannibal Rising (Czech-Fr-UK-US) Momentum Pictures2£472,658$921,540339$2,718-55$4,104,935
9(-)Because I Said So (US) Entertainment Film DistNEW£400,987 $781,803239$3,271-$781,803
10(8)Dreamgirls (US) Paramount Pictures Int'l3£302,071$588,947271$2,173-46$6,089,649
$1 = £0.51 *includes £1,562,818 of previews includes £36,439 of previews - Screen International
Year-on-year performance +60.4% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
Top 20 total 3-day gross $28.2m
France - Week ending February 13 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek7-day7-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross EURgross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Night At The Museum (US) 20th FoxNEWEUR3,866,566$5,025,430676$7,434-$5,025,430
2(1)Blood Diamond (US) Warner Bros2EUR1,817,374$2,362,067448$5,272-22$5,400,605
3(-)Hannibal Rising (Czech-Fr-UK-US) Quinta CommNEWEUR1,793,206$2,330,655367$8,729-$2,330,655
4(-)Odette Toulemonde (Bel-Fr) Pathe DistributionNEWEUR1,768,358$2,298,360284$8,093-$2,298,360
5(2)Moliere (Fr) Wild Bunch2EUR1,535,047$1,995,123465$4,291-29$4,802,826
6(3)The Pursuit Of Happyness (US) Gaumont Sony 2EUR1,297,103$1,685,863322$5,236-31$4,132,978
7(7)The Lives Of Others (Ger) Ocean Films2EUR914,923$1,189,138141$8,43421$2,172,669
8(4)L'Ile Aux Tresors (Fr-Hun-UK) 20th Fox2EUR790,756$1,027,757576$1,784-48$2,991,099
9(5)Rocky Balboa (US) 20th Fox3EUR788,300$1,024,564478$3,685-45$7,746,492
10(6)Have Mercy On Us All (Fr) Gaumont Sony 3EUR680,420$884,352445$1,987-38$5,363,590
$ figures approximated on a $5.57 average ticket price Le Film Francais
Year-on-year performance -32.6% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
Top 20 total 7-day gross $23.2m
Spain - Three-day weekend February 16-18 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross EURgross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Ghost Rider (US) SPRINEWEUR2,378,634$3,121,567415$7,522 -$3,121,567
2(1)Blood Diamond (US) Warner Bros2EUR1,075,630$1,411,588348$4,056-40$4,412,514
3(2)Night At The Museum (US) 20th Fox4EUR855,758$1,123,042427$2,630-46$14,235,953
4(3)The Pursuit of Happyness (US) SPRI3EUR800,164$1,050,084290$3,621-34$5,998,411
5(4)John Tucker Must Die (US) 20th Fox2EUR448,534$588,627250$2,355-35$1,631,244
6(5)Babel (Mex-US) UIP8EUR340,369$446,678212$2,107-24$12,148,123
7(-)Manuale D'Amore 2 (It) DeaplanetaNEWEUR311,094$408,260165$2,474 -$408,260
8(-)Letters From Iwo Jima (US) Warner BrosNEWEUR281,153$368,96768$5,426 -$368,967
9(-)The Lives Of Others (Ger) Alta FilmsNEWEUR215,555$282,88177$3,674 -$282,881
10(10)Little Children (US) Tri Pictures2EUR168,652$221,328110$2,012-30$643,293
$1 = EUR0.76 Nielsen EDI
Year-on-year performance +0.6% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
Top 20 total 3-day gross $10.4m
Germany - Four-day weekend February 15-18 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek4-day4-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross EURgross $avg $changegross $
1(1)Rocky Balboa (US) 20th Fox2EUR1,158,201$1,519,949554$2,744-58$5,828,147
2(-)Hannibal Rising (Czech-Fr-UK-US) Tobis FilmNEWEUR1,087,673$1,427,392519$2,750 -$1,427,392
3(2)Die Wilden Kerle 4 (Ger) BVI3EUR1,019,990$1,338,570716$1,870-54$10,116,644
4(-)The Good Shepherd (US) UPINEWEUR576,489$756,547136$5,563 -$756,547
5(4)The Pursuit of Happyness (US) SPRI5EUR551,304$723,496511$1,416-30$10,358,301
6(3)Saw III (US) Kinowelt3EUR544,260$714,252432$1,653-50$6,291,500
7(5)Blood Diamond (US) Warner Bros4EUR486,071$637,888476$1,340-32$5,694,888
8(6)Dreamgirls (US) UPI3EUR302,463$396,933218$1,821-34$2,339,787
9(7)Arthur And The Invisibles (Fr) Tobis Film4EUR222,075$291,437496$588-50$3,282,633
10(9)Schwere Jungs (Ger) Constantin Film5EUR219,868$288,541183$1,577-30$3,437,345
$1 = EUR0.76 Nielsen EDI
Year-on-year performance -20.8% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 15)
Top 15 total 4-day gross $9.2m
Italy - Three-day weekend February 16-18 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross EURgross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Notte Prima Degli Esami - Oggi (It) 01 DistribuzioneNEWEUR4,568,937$5,995,980604$9,927$7,615,046
2(1)Night At The Museum (US) 20th Fox3EUR1,307,552$1,715,948364$4,714-47$12,099,205
3(2)Hannibal Rising (Czech-Fr-UK-US) FilmAuro2EUR1,186,325$1,556,857358$4,349-46$5,538,909
4(3)The Holiday (US) Universal Pictures International2EUR962,613$1,263,272319$3,960-37$3,984,339
5(4)Manuale D'Amore 2 (It) FilmAuro5EUR409,090$536,864186$2,886-55$24,514,778
6(6)Arthur And The Invisibles (Fr) 01 Distribuzione2EUR386,748$507,543320$1,586-46$1,661,314
7(5)La Cena Per Farli Conoscere (It) Medusa Film3EUR365,681$479,896205$2,341-50$3,545,555
8(7)The Pursuit of Happyness (US) Medusa Film6EUR287,188$376,887138$2,731-49$19,787,731
9(8)Blood Diamond (US) Warner Bros4EUR283,774$372,407135$2,759-42$5,159,921
10(10)Mi Fido Di Te (It) Medusa Film2EUR180,007$236,230110$2,148-23$659,136
$1 = EUR0.76 Cinetel
Year-on-year performance +65.5% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
Top 20 total 3-day gross $14.1m
Mexico - Three-day weekend February 16-18 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross pesogross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Ghost Rider (US) SPRINEW23,110,454$2,100,034403$5,211 -$2,100,034
2(1)KM 31 (Mex-Sp) Videocine311,047,565$1,003,886250$4,016-28$6,253,847
3(3)The Pursuit of Happyness (US) SPRI38,443,708$767,275303$2,532-23$4,753,259
4(2)Blood Diamond (US) Warner Bros27,063,266$641,835350$1,834-37$2,373,847
5(4)Apocalypto (US) 20th Fox43,907,529$355,075370$960-45$7,416,341
6(6)Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer (Fr-Ger-Sp) Gussi52,463,590$223,865167$1,341-19$3,938,052
7(-)Morirse En Domingo (Mex) GussiNEW1,949,974$177,193158$1,121 -$177,193
8(7)Pan's Labyrinth (Mex-US-Sp) Warner Bros181,848,443$167,967120$1,400-5$5,825,690
9(5)Night At The Museum (US) 20th Fox91,815,275$164,953218$757-44$20,117,110
10(-)How Much Do You Love Me' (Aus-Fr) AztecaNEW1,229,412$111,716103$1,085 -$111,708
$1 = peso11.00 Screen International, Compiled by Leonard Klady
Year-on-year performance +18.32% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 10)
Top 10 total 3-day gross $5.7m
Japan - Two-day weekend february 17-18 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross Yengross $avg $changegross $
1(1)Dororo (Jap) Toho4Yen214,001,017$1,791,853296$6,054-38$20,574,676
2(-)Dreamgirls (US) Paramount Pictures Int'l, UIPNEWYen203,435,434$1,703,386287$5,935 -$1,703,386
3(2)The Pursuit Of Happyness (US) Col TriStar4Yen154,032,659$1,289,732273$4,724-37$17,060,157
4(4)Bubble Fiction: Boom Or Bust (Jap) Toho2Yen116,001,346$971,292272$3,571-19$3,613,543
5(3)The Guardian (US) BVI2Yen104,438,049$874,471317$2,759-41$4,046,953
6(5)Marie Antoinette (Fr-Jap-US) Toho, Towa5Yen55,942,867$468,416259$1,809-49$14,866,186
7(7)The Departed (US) Warner Bros5Yen46,175,814$386,635291$1,329-42$10,867,865
8(6)Battle Of Wits (China-HK-Jap-S Korea) Shochiku3Yen44,983,916$376,655246$1,531-48$4,030,845
9(8)I Just Didn't Do It (Jap) Warner Bros5Yen43,901,482$367,592201$1,829-35$7,199,348
10(10)26 Years Diary (Jap) Col TriStar4Yen37,876,765$317,146115$2,758-16$3,308,598
$1 = Yen119.43 Screen International, Compiled by Leonard Klady
Year-on-year performance +7.6% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 10)
Top 10 total 2-day gross $8.5m
South korea - Three-day weekend february 16-18 (93% screens reporting) - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross wongross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Miracle On 1st Street (S Korea) CJ EntertainmentNEW3,000,416,100$3,204,203337$9,508 -$4,200,449
2(-)Highway Star (S Korea) Studio 2.0NEW1,845,278,600$1,970,609307$6,419 -$2,507,251
3(1)A Day For An Affair (S Korea) Cinema Service21,639,014,000$1,750,335275$6,365-34$7,671,979
4(2)Voice Of A Murderer (S Korea) CJ Entertainment31,307,421,400$1,396,221252$5,541-42$16,383,108
5(3)Master Kims (Kor) ShowBox2968,722,900$1,034,518237$4,365-46$4,580,729
6(-)Bridge To Terabithia (US) Lotte EntertainmentNEW601,951,000$642,835125$5,143 -$743,148
7(-)Flags Of Our Fathers (US) 20th FoxNEW523,987,000$559,576111$5,041 -$717,318
8(-)Rocky Balboa (US) 20th FoxNEW514,047,000$548,961191$2,874 -$703,233
9(4)Charlotte's Web (US) UIP2225,833,500$241,172122$1,977-64$1,216,715
10(-)The Queen (Fr-It-UK) Prime EntertainmentNEW149,575,000$159,73441$3,896 -$206,537
$1 = won936.40 - Kofic
Year-on-year performance +12.1% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 10)
Top 10 total 3-day gross $11.5m
The Screen Index - Cumulative grosses to Feb 23 issue
Weekly total: $290.9m
Year-on-year comparison +13.2%
Week-on-week comparison +36.2%
The weekly total is the sum of the grosses in the top nine markets