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Fantasy-comedy Night At The Museum holds on strong to the top spot after the holiday season, grossing more than $30m in the three-day weekend and bringing its total to nearly $119m. Mel Gibson's Mayan-language action-adventure Apocalypto shot up 11 places and took $7.7m at the weekend after opening strongly in the UK with $2.6m and in Italy with $3.1m. Family entertainment Charlotte's Web saw a 113% boost after taking $1m for its opening weekend in Germany while Warner Bros' African-set thriller Blood Diamond took more than $3m from seven territories internationally. New entry Miss Potter broke into the top 20 with its UK opening, earning $2.1m over the three-day period. Bond is neither shaken nor stirred from the top of the charts, with Casino Royale creeping back to the second spot, generating more than $18.7m in its eighth week.

- The Screen Index Cumulative grosses to Jan 12 issue

Weekly total: $259.4m

Year-on-year comparison 3.4%

The weekly total is the sum of the grosses in the top nine markets.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScreensCume $Terr
1(1)Night At The Museum (US)$30,319,6005148$118,975,42235
2(4)Casino Royale (UK-US-Czech-Ger)$18,799,2825070$372,747,70060
3(2)Eragon (US)$15,874,8066691$138,688,05847
4(5)The Holiday (US)$13,229,0783037$91,091,93037
5(3)Happy Feet (Aust-US)$13,139,2755275$139,616,27651
6(7)Deja Vu (US)$10,332,0002931$70,996,00035
7(6)Arthur Et Les Minimoys (Fr-US)$9,024,0961657$50,264,55312
8(8)Flushed Away (UK-US)$7,924,9794052$93,199,05037
9(20)Apocalypto (US)$7,754,6761430$18,575,36416
10(14)Babel (US-Mex)$3,567,682677$35,290,84420
11(10)200 Pound Beauty (S Kor)$3,396,492341$29,707,9551
12(22)Charlotte's Web (US)$3,298,3051724$15,335,28514
13(13)The Departed (US)$3,237,1191323$126,585,28323
14NewBlood Diamond (US)$3,058,126514$3,282,0097
15(34)The Prestige (US)$2,901,473660$36,295,52419
16(12)Natale A New York (It)$2,531,108415$32,492,1052
17(15)Hors De Prix (France)$2,416,384484$13,088,6933
18(11)My Wife Is A Gangster 3 (S Kor)$2,266,287314$9,389,3381
19NewMiss Potter (UK-US)$2,161,843338$2,743,5651
20(32)A Good Year (US)$2,157,543567$29,292,87013
21(9)Curse Of The Golden Flower (Chi)$2,139,845617$38,821,8986
22(24)Letters From Iwo Jima (US)$2,118,653322$29,985,0181
23(31)Open Season (US)$2,112,9761266$99,519,16529
24*Employee Of The Month (US)$2,083,702339$2,148,8294
25*Saw III (US)$1,854,200403$64,584,29216
26(16)Wolfhound (Rus)$1,755,682341$5,108,9444
27(18)Mon Meilleur Ami (Fr)$1,734,902505$7,783,4744
28(27)Oh-oku, Women Of The Inner Palace (Jap)$1,454,763317$11,158,5101
29(19)Perfume: Story of a Murder (Ger-Fr-Sp)$1,379,543599$102,084,61513
30NewWhite Noise 2: The Light (US)$1,351,704308$1,351,7041
31(36)Love And Honour (Jap)$1,342,081334$24,663,5781
32(17)Confession of Pain (HK)$1,311,628339$9,289,6924
33*Marie Antoinette (US)$1,278,149275$20,423,24313
34(25)Gota Kanal 2 (Swe)$1,218,712168$6,150,1511
35*Dobutsu No Mori (Jap)$1,204,742281$11,497,5781
36(28)The Grudge 2 (US)$1,107,222341$25,693,3606
37*The Illusionist (US)$1,098,787431$24,069,21912
38(30)The Queen (UK-Fr-It)$1,038,642260$33,886,14211
39*Flags Of Our Fathers (US)$985,602332$25,162,8579
40(33)Franklin Et Le Tresor Du Lac (Fr)$892,445283$3,448,7183
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(c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady