Family extravaganza Night At The Museum continues to be an international crowd pleaser, passing the $150m mark in 39 territories and grossing more than $20m in its fourth weekend to remain rooted to the top spot. Inspirational bio-drama The Pursuit Of Happyness, starring Will Smith, was this weekend's highest new entry at number two, generating $13m after opening at number one in Australia, Italy and the UK. Heavyweight champ Rocky enters the ring again as Rocky Balboa took more than $10m this weekend and clings onto the fifth position. This weekend also sees a string of successes for new local films in their home markets: Germany's Hitler-satire Mein Fuhrer grossed $2.5m after its opening weekend in the country while Korean film Herb took $2.1m at home.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScreensCume $Terr
1(1)Night at the Museum (US)$20,162,3445,193$151,336,96239
2NEWThe Pursuit of Happyness (US)$12,930,3071,031$13,158,7325
3(2)Casino Royale (UK-US-Czech-Ger)$10,224,3304,121$389,610,50965
4(3)Eragon (US)$10,144,7765,621$153,696,10341
5(53)Rocky Balboa (US)$10,136,2181,227$10,987,5559
6(5)The Holiday (US)$8,162,7273,104$102,544,69041
7(6)Deja Vu (US)$7,935,0002,837$79,513,00035
8(9)Apocalypto (US)$7,730,4872,032$28,482,34822
9(4)Happy Feet (Aus-US)$6,187,1814,116$150,539,00348
10(10)Wolfhound (Rus)$4,136,742541$22,538,1064
11(8)Flushed Away (UK)$3,918,1153,500$100,157,43641
12(17)The Prestige (US)$3,809,215996$41,458,67026
13(7)Arthur And The Invisibles (Fr)$3,200,5071,555$54,017,91213
14(12)Babel (US)$3,117,377610$39,805,20921
15(16)Blood Diamond (US)$3,103,090695$8,314,62111
16(11)Heat (Rus)$2,966,817491$17,183,2664
17(15)The Departed (US)$2,622,8711,276$130,457,81623
18NewMein Fuhrer (Ger)$2,511,824267$2,511,8241
19(13)200 Pound Beauty (S Kor)$2,244,795271$34,182,6981
20NewHerb (S Kor)$2,177,839285$2,889,6401
21NewPathfinder (US)$2,089,566438$2,089,5664
22NewGuru (Ind)$2,055,937643$2,055,93717
23NewSmokin' Aces (US)$2,005,238338$2,005,2381
24NewThe Serpent (Fr)$1,947,395305$1,947,3951
25(14)Charlotte's Web (US)$1,926,9371,805$19,596,91418
26*Death Note 2 (Jap)$1,795,833364$47,997,7643
27(21)Miss Potter (UK-US)$1,765,843342$6,299,5132
28(39)The Queen (UK)$1,694,284438$36,232,18014
29NewThe Last King Of Scotland (UK-US)$1,693,171246$1,741,8421
30(30)Perfume: Story Of A Murderer (Ger-Fr-Sp)$1,643,120572$104,075,85615
31(27)Saw III (US)$1,452,398451$66,741,12817
32(26)Employee Of The Month (US)$1,402,250342$4,388,7253
33NewMaskeli Besler 2 (Tur)$1,359,622226$1,519,8461
34NewLove Never To End (Jap)$1,309,432288$1,309,4321
35(24)Letters From Iwo Jima (US)$1,262,286305$33,045,9362
36(19)Hors De Prix (Fr)$1,223,763485$14,659,8173
37*Monster House (US)$1,215,355302$62,974,8842
38(25)Open Season (US)$1,174,656878$101,618,81526
39(23)Curse Of The Golden Flower (Chi)$1,165,574498$40,731,2936
40(34)Marie Antoinette (US)$1,028,811298$21,968,03116
* Re-entry. (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady