The Bourne Ultimatum crept back up to the top spot this weekend taking $15.8m from 3,341 screens. Universal's action film was up 8% after it expanded in 8 territories, and opened at number one in Germany with a $4.7m take and in Mexico with $1.4m. Ratatouille was at number two, generating $9.1m over the three-day period after a $2.9m opening in Australia. New entry Hero, based on a Japanese TV series, was a hit in its home territory and took $8.9m from 475 screens for an $18,771 screen average. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry was up 194% after opening in Brazil and Italy, while Die Hard 4.0 was up 284% after taking $3.7m from its first weekend in Spain. Star Simon Pegg took the UK's number one slot as Run, Fat Boy, Run generated $4.1m over the three-day period. Atonement and Korean film My Father both entered in the top 20 this weekend.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(2)The Bourne Ultimatum (US)$15,792,7003341$98,239,65238
2(3)Ratatouille (US)$9,083,9082908$201,503,67734
3NewHero (Jap)$8,916,129475$8,916,1291
4(1)Shrek The Third (US)$7,999,7591678$451,043,22421
5(5)Rush Hour 3 (US)$5,085,9282310$62,590,92727
6(22)I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (US)$4,721,0991521$14,608,46121
7(33)Die Hard 4.0 (US)$4,289,385995$229,467,11610
8NewRun, Fat Boy, Run (US-UK)$4,074,777461$4,074,7771
9(7)Knocked Up (US)$4,030,8451,486$44,401,00222
10(6)Harry Potter And The... Phoenix (US-UK)$3,660,4863510$633,715,73444
11(4)The Simpsons Movie (US)$3,436,6883268$309,334,27022
12NewAtonement (US-UK)$3,154,382411$3,309,1641
13(9)No Reservations (US)$3,277,8681417$18,002,33122
14(8)Disturbia (US)$2,875,2711133$24,550,29826
15(15)Hairspray (US)$2,653,5351214$37,215,61226
16NewMy Father (S Kor)$2,528,774356$2,918,7731
17(11)Evan Almighty (US)$2,192,9361,915$51,974,09234
18(19)War (US)$1,955,263696$4,917,7638
19(13)Licence To Wed (US)$1,693,6801267$21,350,48122
20(12)Heyy Babyy (Ind)$1,683,832623$13,307,63414
21(10)Transformers (US)$1,669,2291732$378,671,02847
22(17)Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone (Jap)$1,660,01385$6,404,9531
23(14)1408 (US)$1,622,003548$14,273,85812
24(32)Stardust (UK-US)$1,544,424535$16,085,7846
25(16)Surf's Up (US)$1,422,6361641$39,279,38427
26(31)Premonition (US)$1,377,319564$29,776,55910
27(20)Life: Tears In Heaven (Jap)$1,096,915289$8,708,1531
28NewDhamaal (Ind)$1,044,823511$1,044,82316
29(30)Death Proof (US)$1,034,194715$25,156,7529
30(-)Sicko (US)$960,798454$4,412,6847
31(25)Kein Bund Furs Leben (Ger)$933,055318$2,927,1171
32(24)Mr Brooks (US)$886,213461$8,948,54411
33(21)Ocean's Thirteen (US)$856,131510$191,111,32314
34(27)May 18 (S Kor)$809,942234$49,136,5511
35(41)Naraka 19 (Chi)$769,290222$1,720,4934
36NewAntidope (Russ)$757,693246$757,6934
37NewThe House (Thai)$736,528120$736,5281
38(23)The Last Legion (US-Fr-UK-Slov)$730,327541$9,955,7176
39(29)28 Weeks Later (US-UK-Sp)$729,383480$29,082,28911
40(18)Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (US)$709,4661035$146,718,5376
(c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady