US independent film-maker Allison Anders will receive a retrospective tribute at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival next week as part of the Forum Of Independents series. Anders' latest film Things Behind The Sun, which premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival, will also be screened.

Things Behind The Sun, which is handled internationally by Menemsha Entertainment, had its international premiere last week as part of the American Independents section at the Munich Film Festival.

Anders' second film Gas Food Lodging played at Karlovy Vary in 1992; her other credits include Border Radio, Mi Vida Loca, a segment of Four Rooms, Grace Of My Heart and Sugar Town.

'Karlovy Vary is such an amazing festival and I'm honored that Things Behind The Sun will screen there,' says Anders. 'This festival has not only continued to recognise my work throughout the years, but works of so many incredible, talented, and visionary filmmakers. I'm so ecstatic to be in their company.'