Brazilian director Andrucha Waddington is set to direct a new project titled Sun Seekers, which will be a romantic tale set in the time of the Incas in Peru.

The film is being set up as a Spanish-Brazilian co-production between El Toro Films and Ikiru Films in Spain and Waddington’s company Conspiracao in Brazil. The companies are currently working with Waddington his new film, Lope De Vega, about the 16th century poet and playwright.

Waddington said that production company Antena 3, which is also co-producing on Lope, is currently reading the script as well. The cast and budget are yet to be fully confirmed.

“I have always been interested in the counter culture of the Incas trying to recapture Cusco from the Spaniards. So I have decided to make a fictional love story about two men and a woman set during that time.

“We have the script ready for Sun Seekers and I would like to shoot in May or June next year with the stage work done in Spain and the external shots in Peru and Brazil.”

Waddington’s 2005 film House Of Sand picked up several awards all over the world, including at Sundance, and his film Me, You, Them (2000) won 20 awards, including the Un Certain Regard award at Cannes.