US studio Warner Bros has signed a deal with Conspiracao Filmes to distribute Andrucha Waddington’s $16m action adventure film Lope across Latin America.

The deal was confirmed to ScreenDaily by Leo Barros, the film’s co-producer at Conspiracao Filmes.

Lope is a Brazilian-Spanish co-production between Conspiracao in Brazil and Antena 3 Films, Ikiru and El Toro Films from Spain. Shooting is currently under way around Madrid and it will later move on to Morocco for external shots.

Warner Bros is also providing financing for the project on the Brazilian side through Chapter 3 financing, which is a tax incentive available to the Studios and independent film companies.

Lope tells the story of the early life of Lope De Vega, a 16th Century playwright and poet, famous for his romantic comedies written and performed in the Golden Age of theatre. Alberto Ammann is in the lead role

The producers hope to have the film ready for Berlin or Cannes next year.