Icelandic director-producer Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's latest offering, Angels Of The Universe, has become Iceland's highest-grossing domestic film, racking up an unprecedented 77,233 admissions when it re-entered the box office chart this week.

Previously, Iceland's most successful domestic film was Fridriksson's Devil's Island (Djoeflaeyjan), which attracted a total of 74,830 admissions in 1997.

However, in terms of box office revenue, Angels still has to earn $167,000 (ISK12m) in order to beat Titanic's total gross of $1,059,915, despite the fact that admissions for Titanic only reached 73,800.

Angels Of The Universe, nicknamed an Icelandic One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, is based on a story about life in a mental institution. The drama is co-produced with Lars von Trier's production outfit Zentropa and the Norwegian Filmhuset. The film is based on a best-selling Nordic novel, which combined with Fridriksson's popularity, explains its success.