Sony's Animax Asia channel has unveiled its first original HD animation production, LaMB, which is set to be released over multiple platforms including TV, internet and mobile phones.

Backed by the $6m Singapore Economic Development Board and SPE Networks Asia Joint Production Fund, and executive produced by Animax Asia, the project encompasses a one-hour TV feature, music videos, web manga, mobile graphic novel, mobisodes and online and mobile games.

Singapore's Peach Blossom Media and Imaginary Friends Studios produced the project, which was directed by Hong Kong's Thomas Chou with project consultant Ryosuke Tei and storyboards by Yasufumi Soejima.

Voiceovers are provided by Hong Kong actress Josie Ho, Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu and Taiwan-based actress Tanaka Chie.

The story follows the inhabitants of a desert planet where criminals are imprisoned in laminated suits that allow them to roam free but ensure they remain productive.

The script was written by Filipino viewer Carmelo Juinio, winner ofan Animax regional script-writing competition in 2007. The one-hour film will be screened on Animax Asia channels on March 24 and 31.