Twentieth Century Fox International Television and Antena 3 have entered into a five-year output deal which includes future feature films as well as titles such as Independence Day, Romeo & Juliet, The Full Monty and There's Something About Mary.

The deal also includes new television series such as Angel, Roswell and Malcolm In The Middle, among others.

The move marks Fox's second big European output deal this year following a five-year pact with Luxembourg-based broadcaster CLT-Ufa signed in January (Screendaily, January 23).

"We've been in business with Antena 3 for many years, and we are very happy to finalise our relationship for the future," said 20th Century Fox International Television executive vice president Marion Edwards.

"We had been for some time studying several offers of agreements of these characteristics and we are very pleased to have closed with the company that has the highest-quality feature and television product,' said Antena 3 general manager Juan Jose Diaz.