Police forces across 12Asian countries this week completed a total of 876 raids, resulting in 277arrests and the seizure of 5.9 million pirate discs, according to the MotionPicture Association (MPA).

As part of an extendedcampaign, 'Operation Eradicate', launched in December 2004, the initiative cameto a close this week with law enforcement officials targeting street vendors inmajor cities in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, India,Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

"We plan to continue toconduct aggressive enforcement action throughout the year with our localpolice, customs and other agency partners, and will initiate another 'antipiracy push during the summer," said MPA Asia-Pacific spokesman, MikeEllis.

34 people were arrested inChina in raids on more than 300 stores, 26 suspects were held in Hong Kongafter raids on 200 retail outlets and 38 were arrested in Thailand, the MPAsaid.

Some 4.3 million of the 5.9million counterfeit VHS and DVDs seized in the raids originated in China,according to a statement.