Antonio Banderas seeks financing for historical epic based on the story of Spain’s last Muslim sultan.

Antonio Banderas is to write, direct and star in a English-language historical drama about the last Muslim sultan of Granada, Muhammad XII or Boabdil.

Banderas’ Malaga-based company Green Moon will produce the English-language film, which is set to shoot in 2012 around Andalucia. The company is currently seeking financing for the project with the intention of having international producers on board and an international cast.

Banderas will team with his Summer Rain co-writer Antonio Soler to work on the script Boabdil. The film will tell the story of his defeat by the Spanish army, which included the famed general Gonzalo  Fernandez de Cordoba, who Banderas hopes to play in the film.

Green Moon is also developing Nestor F Dennis’ $3m (€2m) fantasy adventure film Dia Roto about an introverted comic book artist who creates a world of unusual characters. It is likely to shoot in Andalucia later this year with Banderas producing.