20th Century Fox International has scored all-time industry opening records in Brasil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela as Planet Of The Apes opened throughout Latin America over the weekend.

The Tim Burton-directed actioner also expanded its grasp over Asia and made its first European foray into Sweden. The film has now amassed a powerful $26m in 16 territories over just ten days.

In North America, the film has taken an estimated $124m in the same period.

International box office highlights include:
- In Brasil, the film took $1.58m on 366 screens, beating previous record-opener Fox's own Independence Day by 8%.
- In Mexico, it took $3.175m on 547 screens to become the second highest opener in history after BVI's Dinosaur last year.
- In Argentina, it took $1.28m on 98 screens, which is the third highest Fox opening ever (after Star Wars: Episode 1 and Independence Day) and the fifth biggest opening in the territory's history.
- In Uruguay, it opened with $70,091 on 11 screens which is the biggest Fox opening ever and the second highest opening of all time.
- In Colombia, the film took $364,405 on 62 screens - the biggest opening of all time.
- In Peru, it took $389,943 on 53 screens, again the biggest opening of all time, as was Venezuela where it took $442,980 on 47 screens.
-Planet Of The Apes took the top spot in South Korea, grossing $1.264m on 86 screens which is the second biggest Fox opening of all time, and took $438,955 on 67 screens in Taiwan. In its second weekend in Japan, it grossed $2.638m on 327 screens to bring its total in the territory to $12.6m.
-Meanwhile Swedish audiences lapped it up. On 75 screens, it grossed $866,462 (SEK 9.228m including previews) which makes it the biggest opening this year.

Its next openings are on Wednesday (Aug 8) in Trinidad, then on Thursday (Aug 9) in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile and Ecuador and on Friday in Norway (Aug 10).

' Fox was also celebrating the opening of Moulin Rouge in Russia last Thursday. On that day alone, the film took $46,790, an opening day record for a Fox film. Its four day gross total was $320,314 on 46 prints making it Fox's biggest weekend ever in Russia and the third of all time after The Mummy Returns ($545,000) and Pearl Harbor ($422,000). The film is released through licensee Gemini Kinomir.