Two more movies have hit powerful international box office milestones in the past week. 20th Century Fox's Planet Of The Apes topped the $150m mark over last weekend, while Warner Bros' AI Artificial Intelligence soared past $100m.

Planet Of The Apes has now taken $156.4m after seven weeks on release. Over last weekend, it debuted at number one in Italy with $1.87m on 366 screens which outperformed Jurassic Park III's opening earlier in the summer. It also opened at the top in Russia, taking $0.735m on 60 screens to become the biggest opening ever in that market.

The film had opened powerfully in Germany and Spain on Aug 30 and 31 respectively; to date it has totalled $11m in Germany and $10.1m in Spain. Meanwhile in France, where it opened a week earlier, the film has taken $16.6m to date; in the UK it has taken $23.1m and in Japan, it has taken $34.1m after eight weekends on release.

Next territories to open Planet Of The Apes are Hungary today (Sept 20) and India, Latvia and Lithuania tomorrow (Sept 21).

AI took $5.465m in 20 territories to bring its international total to date to $104.2m. Playing on 2,206 screens, the film - which topped out at $78.5m in the domestic market, debuted at number one in Australia, New Zealand and at number two in Germany and Switzerland.

In Australia, it grossed $0.83m from 193 screens; in New Zealand, it grossed $0.11m on 42 screens, while in Switzerland it grossed $0.17m on 50 screens. In Germany, meanwhile, the film took $1.955m from 670 screens.

The film opens this weekend in the UK, Spain, Thailand, Uruguay and Iceland.