Andrew Herwitz's The FilmSales Company has closed deals for Oscar-nominated documentary My Architectwith Gaga in Japan, Academy Films in Germany, Austria and German-speakingSwitzerland and Films Sans Frontiers in France and French-speaking Switzerland.

The film, which is the storyof legendary US architect Louis I Kahn from the point of view of hisillegitimate son Nathaniel Kahn who directed, has also been sold to MongrelMedia in Canada, Tartan Films in the UK and Hopscotch in Australia. It hasgrossed $2.4m in its domestic release through New Yorker Films.

Academy will release thefilm theatrically simultaneously in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Basel, Zurichand other major cities in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland.

Herwitz brokered the dealsdirectly on behalf of the producers Nathaniel Kahn and Susan Behr of The LouisKahn Project with Moravioff and Catherine Chevassu of Films Sans Frontiers,with Paul of Academy and with Eiji Murano of Gaga.