Argentina and Brazil have signed a historic cross-distribution andpromotional pact that will pave the way for more releases of their product ineach other's markets.

Gustavo Dahl, head of Brazil's fledgling national film agency Ancineand Jorge Coscia of Argentina's film institute, Incaa signed the pact lateAugust.

The accord, which calls for a distribution of at least eight filmsof Argentina and Brazil in each other's markets, may serve as a model forfuture agreements between other countries in Latin America.

Historically, there has been little exchange of film product giventhe cultural and language differences among the countries. Audiences inArgentina rarely get a chance to see a film from Portuguese-speaking Brazil.

"I think it'sa good initiative as it has been difficult for Brazilian films to succeed atthe box office in Argentina and vice versa," said Pablo Sahores, seniormanager, theatrical distribution at Buenos Aires-based The Walt Disney Company,Argentina.